Skellefteå wins baseball-sm

While our millionaire ballplayers sleepwalked through a season that nobody cared about, over in Sweden dozens of unknown and unpaid athletes practice their sport in almost total obscurity.

When kulturCHOCK!s editor asked around on the Internet, hoping to learn the results of the Swedish national championship in baseball (SM or svenskmästerskapet), the most common reaction was a complete and total denial of the sports existence Over There.

Tell that to the new Swedish champions from Skellefteå!

They took the SM final by beating Leksand by a score of 4 games to 2.

kulturCHOCK! searched vainly for a mention of the results for several weeks. Swede-l reader Mats Lundell was kind enough to post the results on SWEDE-L. The only other mention of the championship that I could track down was a tiny notice way down on the bottom of a page of sports results in Helsingborg Dagbladet.

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