kulturCHOCK!s gossip guide:

where to find the latest cyberskvaller

There are a number of forums where Swedish and American expatriates and former expatriates gather to klaga and skvallra. Here is a list of the key places. Some of the items include links, but your ability to link to them may be dependent on your browser and your host system, so don't complain to the editor if they don't work!

Let us know (note, not possible) if you know of any other mailing lists or newsgroups of interest!


This is a friendly, chatty mailing list. I believe it was originally intended for Swedes working or studying in the US, but it has become a cross-cultural mishmash of folks in both the US and Sweden, natives and expatriates.

[Editors note: since this edition of kulturCHOCK! appeared, the SWEDE-L list has moved. The new instructions for subscribing are as follows:]

To join the list, send mail to LISTPROC@U.WASHINGTON.EDU. in the following format:

subject: leave blank
message: subscribe swede-l yourname


This Usenet newsgroup covers Sweden but also Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Even Iceland and the Faroe Islands are heard from from time to time, which is only fair. The topics here are a little more wide-ranging than on SWEDE-L, and the discussions tend to have a sharper edge.

If your Web browser and your provider support it, you can view recent messages using your browser. If not, use your news software to access the list.

Nordic Section of the European Forum on CompuServe

CompuServe subscribers can access the Nordic Section of the European Forum on CompuServe. The bi-lingual discussions are mostly about Sweden, but a fair number of Norwegians, Danes, Finns and Yanks check in from time to time.

If you are a CompuServe subscriber, the command GO EURFOR takes you to the European Forum; then go to message section 12. If you aren't a subscriber and are interested, CompuServe has its own Web site with information on how to sign up.

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