The enlarged instruction for Fly Crocheting .... from Toril Kolby

5 step view
Enlarged Crochet
Illustration : Anders Forsling

Of course you should also see the result. Two nice crocheted flies Pink Paradun and Brown Mayfly Nymph plus the ingredients !

Good Luck !

Picture number 1.   If you start with a single-knot you get a smooth crossing of hook-body.
Picture number 2.   All of the dark thread is in front of the hook. (this side on your screen)

See also this wonderful Chrocheted Golden Stone
See also these less wonderful but still Crocheted Montana Nymphs
......... or these shining Crocheted Golden Salmon Montana Nymphs
Finally, here you have more instructions about crocheting flies (the link is no longer valid.
If you find its new home please let me know

PPPS ...... to help you further :
Seth Green has done this instruction Wowen Flies (click on the images step 1-15)
There is also a book dealing with the "woven technique" by George Harvey; Techniques of Trout Fishing and Fly Tying (a link to the book at Amazon) Paperback 140 pages. Lyons & Burford Publishers, US, USA, 1990. ISBN: 1558210741
In Fishing Magazines around the World you will find articles about Torill Kolbu and her techniques to dress fly-hooks.
If you wish to find ingredients for your own fly tying

If you not are interested in Chrocheted Flies there is other interesting things on next page

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