Tomas Byström lives here!

A nerd in his natural environment!

The reason for writing in english is partly that people from elsewhere than Sweden might want to read this (unlikely) and partly that when I began writing I couldn't find out how to get swedish chars (now that I do know I don't have the stamina to write it again with uml's and rings)!

I will soon start to work in manufacturing and developing cleaning products in Hudiksvall. Until recently, I was a graduate student at the Biophysical Chemistry section of the Department of Chemistry, Umeå University. The research project was mostly NMR studies of models of biological membranes to find out their structure.

My hobbies are birding, orienteering, XC skiing and other outdoor activities, computers and natural sciences in general! Seems boring doesn't it? You see, all of those can be alot of fun if taken in "lagom" doses.

I also like listening to music alot, my taste in music varies from death metal to experimental electronic music. I don't like "chart music" much, but hey, a good song is a good song no matter who plays it (though some artists have to make extraordinary efforts to convince me, often those ones who have made a lot of shitty songs before)! Here's my record collection!

I'm originally from Ludvika, a small town in the middle of Sweden, and contrary to most of my "hometownfriends" I moved north to study. That kind of explains my philosophy of life (in some topics); If many do one thing, why shouldn't I do the opposite? That's quite a bold statement, and I don't follow it always of course!

'nuff said about me! Let's move out into the digital spaces with these kewl WWW-pages:

  • The highly unofficial S.P.O.C.K homepage which I maintained for a couple of years. Haven't done anything in a long time now.

  • The page for the mailinglist UmeBirdNet which I'm maintaining. It's a forum for us crazy birders around Umeå.

  • The marvellous GH-Dala Nation!! (An association for students from Dalarna, Gästrikland and Hälsingland).

  • Academic Computer Club, Umeå University the association that got me online in the first place.

  • The mother of all Trek sites.

    Sum friends...

    Anders Eriksson - Linux veteran. Shares a lot of my interests. (ex-Umeå, now Stockholm)
    Susanne Eriksson - Anders's wife. Also an accomplished computer programmer.
    Erik Gustafsson (aka Erik Tekniker).

    [More links are coming soon to a cyberdeck near you!! Although you hafta find sum fundamental links for yerself]