Well, I hope you have all enjoyed the Great Net Spellbook. I must say, I have enjoyed editing it for over five years. Alas, all good things must come to an end. Since I will soon be losing net access, I have been forced to look for someone to take over this huge task of collecting spells and editing them. I must say that I have found a very suitable successor in Ezra van Everbroeck, who will take over from me, starting with the seventh edition, and who has already cooperated a lot in this sixth edition.

If you have any more new spells, which can be added to the Great Net Spellbook, please e-mail them to Ezra or post them, so that you will be included in the next Great Net Spellbook as well. By the way, we're not only looking for spells! We're also constantly working on the same kind of book for your favourite priest, the Great Net Prayerbook, and would like to ask you all out there to send us every prayer you can find for them (again, don't hesitate to post them if you think that's more convenient than e-mailing).

Also, any and all feedback on this spellbook is more than welcome, especially comments on the lay-out, on the level the various spells are listed in, on inconsistencies you might find, on any other topic concerning the contents of the files: anything.

Boudewijn Wayers, Keeper of the Great Net Spellbook and the Great Net Prayerbook.

Ezra van Everbroeck, the New Keeper

Converter's Notes

This HTML version is based off Joe Delisle's ASCII conversion of the origional WordPerfect file, and so the exact format may not be what you're used to. Since I've done the conversion from ASCII to HTML partially by hand and partially by script, things may look a bit different.

On a side note, I want to thank Larry Wall for creating Perl (the scripting language I used to do most of the conversion), Matthais Neeracher for MacPerl 5 (under which the search engines were orignally developed), and Shawn Knight for helping me with the scripts.

Admittedly, I'm a formatting freak, and there are some cases where paragraph breaks were added or deleted. Hopefully this won't cause any problems for anyone. There are some other minor corrections that I made as well, but most (if not all) involve spacing or something equally trivial.

If you find a problem (typo, mistake in code) somewhere in this document, send me some email and let me know what the problem is. Also, please include a context reference (espically filename) so that I know where to find the bug. I hope you enjoy this HTML conversion and find it useful.

Ben Cordes