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My Wacom board is my friend.

Subway. A story about riding the subway.
Middagsdags (S). Middag med hunden och katten.

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Well I guess not everoyne would call this art...

Recommended reading

I love reading comics and luckily Stockholm has a comic library that is reasonably well stocked. If you are equally fortunate, there are some comic books that you should definately check out:

Strangers in Paradise (Terry Moore)

A beautiful story about the pains and joys of love. It also has an action subplot which is somewhat less interesting.

Bone (Jeff Smith)

Very well drawn with wonderful clean lines, set in a unique fantasy world. The plot is very good, but sometimes moves a bit too slow for my taste. After four books you get the feeling that it has barely started.

Understanding Comics (Scott McColud)

A comic book about comic books. With intellect and wit, Scott McCloud analyzes what comics are and what they could be.

Story Minute (Carol Lay)

One page philosophical treaties. Funny, thought-provoking and imaginative.

Ranma 1/2 (Rumiko Takahshi)

Hilarious martial arts comedy of the sexes.

Maus (Art Spiegelman)

A brilliant story about the fate of a family during the Holocaust.

Calvin & Hobbes (Bill Waterson)

One of the best comic strips ever. How much emotion, philosophy and story can you get with three squares and a punch line? Calvin & Hobbes has raised the bar.

Hate (Peter Bagge)

Very funny portrayal of the slacker life. (But is he loosing it? The last album wasn't nearly as funny as the previous ones.)

Jar of Fools (Jason Lutes)

A well thuoght-out layered story with lots of emotion. Alternative comics beyond autobiographies.

Ghost World (Dan Clowes)

Kvarteret Kniven (S) (Joakim Pirinen)