David Grundberg
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KawaiiRiver is a frontend to mencoder, converting any video format mplayer is aware of to a size more comfortable for a handheld flash player.

What's new?

2008-04-15 09:44 GMT+2 - Update at long last
KawaiiRiver is currently undergoing rapid slow-paced, "when I feel like it", development. If you want to use the stable KawaiiRiver previously released, please see KawaiiRiver 0.17 Download.

KawaiiRiver development version

The new version will have a reworked interface, and a lot of problems designed away. See screenshots in the forum. (The forum was so buggy I had to disable user registration. IOW, the forum is read only.)


Please use my email address stated in the about dialog of KawaiiRiver. It's the best way to get help or ask questions.