HAUNTED BY DEATH or the swedish title DÖDLIGT JAGAD it is not translated correctly but "Hemsökt Av Döden" didn't sound so good.

To the left of this text is the frontpicture of the video package. It is black and white due to lack of good publishing programs to the Amiga 500. The cover to the video is made with Page Stream and a colour NEC pinwriter (24 pin), but I didn't have enough memory to get a colour print.

This story was written by me and four others (Patrik Söderberg, Roland Nilsson-Hugo, Rainer Holm, Anders Blom and Jimmy Häggkvist) from January to May 1990. We didn't knew so much about making a film so we just wrote everything very quickly, and bought a special FX box from a company. We paid a little less than 1000 SEK (100 £) and used almost everything that came with it.


A bird watcher witness a murder between a drug-dealing gang and the buyer. The bird watcher tapes the murder on his videocam but are seen by the gang. Quickly he hide the tape in a bag and runs off. The gang catch up with him and accidently kills him before the know where the tape is.

Two from the gang beating up the bird watcher in the middle.
LEFT: Anders Blom
CENTER: Krister Lindström (my brother)
RIGHT: Jimmy Häggkvist

...At the same time, two guys are stumbling over the bag and decides to go home and have a look at the tape. The gang sees the guys as they leave the beach with their boat and the chase begins.

This is one of the guys in a boat. Right now it's a fight between the good guys and one of the gang.
LEFT: Stefan Lindström (me)
RIGHT: Rainer Holm (his fist)

...The gang hire goons to get back the tape, but none of the goons succed to get it from the guys. They kidnap one of the guys and tries to force him to speak, but also that is in vain.

One of the guys is being kidnapped by a goon.
IN THE CAR: Stefan Sedin
IN THE WINDOW: Patrik Söderberg

...The other guy pays a visit to the gangs hideout and rescues the captured friend. In order to do that, a member of the gang has to be eliminated. After the rescue, both guys double back to their car and drives off to a sand pit. The remaining criminals, including the boss, chases them.

A goon has been shot in the head.
LEFT: Anders Blom

...At the sand pit. Here a fierceful fight is taking place. The good guys really have to give all they got in order to survive. But can they really defeat all their enemys?

The final fight between a goon and a guy.
LEFT: Rainer Holm
RIGHT: Patrik Söderberg

...The film is 1 hour and 29 min, but is in my opinion too long. It could have been cut down 30 min, that would probably speed up the tempo enough. But it was my first move, and I was pleased with it 1991 (editing takes almost 6-8 months, using a S-VHS video and a video 8 videocamera). If you look further down on this page there are some pictures we used as a commersial before the film starts and some colour photos.


The label of the videotape.

These two pictures was later mixed to be the cover of the film.

This is the King of Sweden (slightly modified).

This is Anders Blom making a commersial for steroids.

This is me, doing some commersial for cerials.

This is a friend of mine (Johan Strandberg).

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