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A HELL OF A HUNT or the swedish title DJÄVLIGT JAGAD was written by me and two of my friends, Patrik Söderberg and Roland Nilsson-Hugo during the period between september 1993 to february 1994.

At that time we were in the army (lumpen) at I21/Fo23 in the little city Sollefteå. We sat almost every day (18.00-21.00) and wrote on the story to A HELL OF A HUNT. To simplify the work a little, we had to skip all the lines the characters were supposed to say. We hoped that we could improvise when it was time to shoot the scenes. Instead we wrote small squares (about 4) on the longside of a A4 and below them we wrote the story. In the squares we draw pictures of how we wanted a scene to be recorded.

The PREMIERE was to be held in Zenit (Örnsköldsviks music house). But due to some technical problems, I wasn't finished mixing the vocal+sfx audio and the instrumental audio. I had those on two different media. The vocal+sfx was on a videotape and the instrumental audio on an ordinary tape. It was also an incompleted casting list, no logo or trailer on that videotape. I had about two hours to get that fixed so I was a little nervous but I thought I had enough time.

After like 30 minutes or so, I noticed that the left audio channel had a noisy and very low volyme output for some unknown reasons. By then it was to late to start all over. I didn't want to cancel the premiere so I decided to bring my own VCR, a porta studio and another tape with the correct castinglist to Zenit and mix the audio in realtime. When I got there the audience started to come. I was just finished setting up the equipment and took the cord to my VCR and pluged it into the outlet. Nothing happend... My video obviously didn't make it through the transportation. Damned ! I had a few minutes left, and my friend Anders Westman who was there to see the film, suggested that we should go to his place and try to repair it. He is a skilled repairman and he thought that it only was a minor damage, so we took a car and left. We didn't find the problem in time so we lended an old mono VCR from a friends friend and started the screening.

Man o man whatta job it was to syncronize the music to the movie. The music wasn't in the right order or with the right length of pause between the tunes, so I had to search for the next tune to play when there were silent parts, and I had to be quick to. But all went well, and the movie was a success.

Some months later I had the opportunity to show it 3 times on the UNGDOMENS DAG in the building ARKEN in Örnsköldsvik. It came many people to see it (About 40-50 people every time). And even later my brother showed it at PARKSKOLAN (It's a school) 4 times. Some people even skipped classes to see it. And my brother talked with some one who claimed to have been on all 4 screenings.

The lokal videoshop VIDEO OKEY bought 3 copys of the film and it went straight up on the top list. It was at 18:th place at the very best, and it beat films like Schindlers List, The Crow, and True Lies.

HERE ARE SOME STUNNING NEWS: I met 4 people from USA who had come to Örnsköldsvik to help some guys do a tourist-video. My friend Johan Larsson showed them my movie. They liked it and wanted some copys of it so that they could take it back to the States. Then, when I mensioned that my move had beaten True Lies at the video toplist, one of them said that she knew the director of True Lies and that she would show him my movie. I almost collapsed when I heared this. What an opportunity... She told me to write him a letter, wich I did, and she said that she would hand over the letter and my movie to the director as soon she had the possibility. If I am lucky, I might get a letter from him with some point of views.


It all begins when 5 campers deside to have a barbacue on the beach next to their tent. During the eating, one of the campers sees a fire in the background. They want to investigate and take their boat to the little island where they had seen the fire. Unfortunately they are beeing spotted and two of the campers is captured by the savage white dressed people on the island. The other three manages to escape and decides to get some help.

The help is a military group of 3 persons. Captain Henning, Liutennant Manning and Corpral Konning. They have a full equipped car (Saab V4) that also contains weapons wich is lended to the campers by the Special force. After a short briefing the campers and the Special force team up and start to search after the two missing friends.

There is a lot of complications and killing on both sides and at the end there is only two persons left, Conny (a camper) and the leader of the evil people. The end of the movie is very unpredictable and leave the viewer with a bit of an askingly look.

You really should see this movie cause it's one of a kind and pretty good too. Many of the effects are made by me, my brother and my pal Patrik, whith some help from a Amiga 500 + genlock, Pc, and some explosives we bought.

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If you want to listen to our own produced soundtrack, just klick the links below. The songs are preformed by P-O Sedin and Johan Larsson and the files are in mp3 format.

* The theme music (mp3)...
* The song that is played at the end when the rolelist is scrolling (mp3)...


This is the cover I made for the movie. It took me and my brother two days to mix all the photos we've been taken during the shootings. We were allowed to use the computer at the DAUS TRYCKERI in Örnsköldsvik and work there after closingtime just to make the cover and the poster. They were really generous cause they printed out about 500 copys of the covers and posters for FREE. I mean 500 COPYS..whoa, that's more than enough. I think there's like 200 left.

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This is the special force team. They are hired by the victims to help them get back their friends from the evil people (white dressed).

LEFT: Roland Nilsson-Hugo
CENTER: Stefan Lindström (me)
RIGHT: Mattias Sandström

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This is the leader of the evil people. He is played by Johan Larsson.

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This is the evil peoples car (Sate mobile).

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This is the wound that I got when a squibb exploded on my stummac. I had to be operated because a piece of the shell that surrounds the explosive (in this case "bomullskrut") went straight thru my plastic protection and into my belly. If you look at the picture closely you may be able to see the metal piece that I am holding.

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