Rödluvan and  the spring
in Japan


Spring in Japan. April 2005

The snow was melting but the spring had not arrived the North of Sweden yet. I got mail from Japan. There it was spring and beautiful flowers were growing on the Japanese cherry trees.
But in Sweden it was typical April weather. Wet snow and hail was falling on the yard. But I travelled by Internet to Japan and could  look at the beautiful blooming trees.
In the year 2006 there came a lot of snow at the end of Marsh and the beginning of April. The spring came late that year.
I was day dreaming about sitting on a blanket in the green grass in Japan. And feel the warmth of the sun.

And I dreamed about walking in the park underneath the beautiful big trees.

I was wondering how old these big trees were.
These small trees were rally exotic. There were big flowers on the trees.
A close up of a flower. I was wondering if the flower was smelling good.
Another close up of a flower. Real beautiful flowers.
A beautiful park in Japan.
Even the streets had beautiful trees.
But in Sweden it was snowing. Wet snow was falling on my big hood.
I did not want to walk this day. I took the bus instead.
But I was day dreaming again about the blooming trees and the green grass in the park in Japan.
Now it was April 15.  I walked around to look for the first flowers named tussilago. Behind the house there  I was working I found the first tussilago in the dry grass. There was the only one tussilago. I sat down on my knees and  looked at the beautiful flower. And I said a little prayer to thank the Lord who is the creator of heaven and earth.
I got another e-mail from Japan. "Now I will go to the Fuji mountain, will you follow me?" And I went to the Fuji Mountain by the Internet.
Even here by the Fuji Mountain there were blooming cherry trees.
It was like  I could smell the scent of the blossoms.
What a was gorgeous place.

Now spring even was coming to Sweden. I found a new flower on the yard, It was a snowdrop.

And in Japan these white flowers were blooming.
A new sign of the spring in Sweden. I found crocus on the yard.
And in Japan these blue flowers were in bloom.
Another gorgeous place.
Idyllic place!
I enjoyed the view of the Fuji Mountain. Fuji Mountain is now inactive volcano on the island Honshu in Japan, near Tokyo. It is 3776 meter high and has a crater diameter, 610 meter. The latest volcanic eruption was from November 24, 1707 until January 22, 1708 .
The mighty Fuji Mountain. The top  is almost in heaven.
© Japan pictures taken by Lennart Schedin

Wilhelmina Schedin 2016-03-11