Foxy's midsummer

The sun was shining this Midsummer. We put up the flag in Sweden at Midsummer.

Here they are decorating the maypole that still is lying on the ground.

the will use these wild flowers to decorate the maypole.
This part of the maypole is not decorated yet.
The maypole is decorated ready.
Now they will put up the maypole.
Putting up the maypole.
Now the maypole is up.
Flowers (buttercups) and guest book in the barn.
Folk musicians are playing. It was was wonderful to hear the music.
Behind the heads of people they are dancing around the maypole.
Midsummer food. Pickled herring. Left: onion, middle: mustard, right: tomato.
This, in the fish shaped bowl, is "matjessill". We eat gräddfil (sour cream) to it. The bowl was bought at a flea market.
The midsummer food with pickled herring, and very small new potatoes, tomatoes and  lettuce. I had Brussels sprouts too. But that is not special midsummer food.
The new potatoes were very small this year. At the right the old bigger potatoes.
In Sweden we eat fresh strawberries at Midsummer. Then we have whipped cream to it. But Ove and I use to have ice cream to it.
There were also dogs celebrating midsummer :-)
Cow and calf.
Hurray! The goat Enok is back!
This horse was hired only this day to draw a big carriage.
The horse, Gine.
The horse Sonny. He was excited because there were other horses who were guests today.
A sheep.
Here I was sitting in the carriage pulled by the horse Sony.
The horse Sonny, the carriage driver and a happy me.
                                                                                    Photo: Ove Schedin
Sonny in the meadow.
Sonny gave me so much joy this midsummer weekend.
Midsummer 2003 the weather was rainy and it looked like this. Not fun at all. But this year 2006 we had wonderful sunny weather and not too hot.

They said in the paper that the folk dancing group should come at Midsummer. But they never came. But I put in this picture of them here. Folk dancing is common at Midsummer. I took this picture at the Swedish National Day. 2006-06-06.

Ove in the wood.
Ove in the wood.
Whoops! It was windy and my hood was blowing up.
Me at Midsummer I was laughing and felt so happy :-)
He, he :-)
Wilhelmina Schedin.2016-03-10