Rödluvan and glistening glass
Me, Rödluvan like transparent glistening glass very much. Glass is reminding about glistening ice.

Here will show ornaments and utility goods made of glass. It are not so expensive things but they are beautiful!

A ball made of glass. This is a paperweight. I got it in present from a co-worker. It was twilight and the blue light of the blue hour came in into the room and gave everything a  blue shimmer.
The same paper weight in lamp light.
Orrefors candle. I got this from a neighbour.
The same candle. My neighbour bought it in Stockholm
The same candle again.
I bought this mushroom made of glass in the south of Sweden at the Reijmyrens glassworks. They had it in sale. It's only 5 cm high.
Mushroom and “stone” made of glass bought at Reijmyrens glassworks.
A Santa made of glass. Bought at the store, Duka.
Another picture of the Santa made of glass.
Santa, a mushroom of glass and two "stones" made of glass.
The mushroom in the glistening sunlight.
I bought the mushroom at Riemyre's glassworks. Here it still was on the table in the shop.
This is a museum at Riemyre glassworks. Nowadays they may not make red glass anymore because it contains cadmium.
This is glass a souvenir from  Bought i Brussels, Belgium. It is called "Manneken Pis". This one is about 8 cm high. The word "manneken" is a Dutch-Belgian word for a little boy.
Here I put a flashlight on Manneken Pis. Then it got a special shimmer. It is only 6 cm high.
A lamp made of glass. The glass ball is standing on a the lamp holder. I  bought it at the store Elkedjan for Ove when he celebrated his 60 years day.
Lamp of glass taken in day light with the camera flash. Here you can see how the whole lamp looks.
A candle made of glass.  Bought at Duka  It is about 7 cm high. I found it on a sale at the store Duka.
Here I lit the candle.
Ove's old bottle. About 10 cm high.
He has two of these bottles.

Ship in a bottle. A souvenir from Stockholm. About 4 cm high.

A lantern  that Ove had since he was a little boy.
Some small polished "stones".  Quartz, (transparant) Malakit (green), Rose quartz (pink) Blue Kalcedon (blue) Sunstone (brown). The stones are about  2 - 3 cm in diameter.
A tiny quartz stone. But on the picture it looks big.
2005. I bought this apple in Stockholm at Steninge glassworks.
2005. Apple from Steninge glassworks. It was very cheap.
2005. Blowing glass at Steninge glassworks.
A paper weight, mushroom, a cat and two tiny hearts in the sunlight.
A close up picture of the two tiny hearts. Bought them at Duka for only 10 crowns a heart. :-)
The two hearts in an other light.
I got this angel from co-workers at my 60 years birthday.
This pitcher is made at Robertsfors glassworks. I won it as a prize at work.
A beautiful blue bottle.
A brown bottle.
Champagne glass. We got them free at Christmas from the store Åhelns because we are club members in the store.
A little  lemon squeezer. I got it from her mother.
Dessert bowls.
A candle bought in Finland. Made by the Finish brand iittala.
These vases are made in Finland. The brand is iittala written with a little i.
iittala tea glass from Finland.
iittala tea glass. Mine has tea and Ove's has coffee. And cranberry jiuce in the glass.
This are laboratory flasks.
A candle at work from Steninge Glassworks in Stockholm.
Another candle at work that is named ice glass. But in 2013 I bought such a candle on a flee market for 5 crowns!
Cake dish from Finland. And some other bowls and vases..
I bought the candle at the left in a second hand shop for 5 crowns.
Two candles for  thin candle lights. Bought in a second hand shop.
This bowl is made of glass. Ove got it for his birthday.
Some saucers and small plates.
Two carafe in the low sunlight.
A laboratory flask.
These are laboratory glass.
A lamp made of glass. Bought at ICA Maxy
Here the glass lamp is on.
A little vase.
A little flowerpot made of glass.
I bought these glass in London.
I got this measure glass from a friend in the USA.
A beer glass filled with water.
Here there is beer in the glass.
This art is a prize that Ove got in the town hall in Stockholm for work he did at the university.
A bowl of glass made in Finland. We got it when we married.
A little bowl made of the same glass from Finland.
Cake dish made in Finland. We got it when we married.
I bought this nice fish bowl on a flee market.
Two salad bowls. We got them when we married.
A little turtle. About 3 cm high. Bought in a second hand shop.
Bird and swan. About 4 cm high. Bought in a second hand shop.
Two tiger glass.
Some vases. But  in real they are long drink glass. But I use them as a vase :-)
Oven dishes.
We got this double oven dish when we were married. And it's still fine and usable. The lock is also a dish.
I got this candle from a friend in Finland.
2005 Orrefors bowl. I got it from the university when I had worked there in 30 years. All people who have worked in 30 years get a present. You can choose a wrist watch, an encyclopaedia or a bowl. You may choose. I wanted the bowl.
2005-07-18. I bought this paper weight at Glödheta glassworks in Umeå.
At glassworks "Glödheta". This picture is taken 2005-07-18.
At glassworks "Glödheta". This picture is taken 2005-07-18.

I cut the pictures because I need to get permission to put up people in public and I can't reach them to ask.

At glassworks "Glödheta". This picture taken 2005-07-18.
2008-07-30. Me in front the glassworks building. Ove's car at the right.
2008-07-30. I bought this heart at the glassworks "Glödheta".
2008-12-09. Ove got this glass candle from Lennart and me for his 60 years birthday. There is a picture of a birch on it.
2008-12-09. Ove got this glass candle from friends.
Wilhelmina Schedin 2016-03-10