Our Need for Light and Peace.

An early morning in spring. The sky is coloured in lilac and pink. The sun comes up. The daylight is coming back after the darkness of the night. There is a wonderful smell of spring flowers. The birds are starting their wonderful songs. There is peace and silence.
A clear winter day.  The sky is coloured in pink in the low sunlight. Glistening snow is on the ground. The ice crystals are glistening in the sunlight. It seems like the angels in heaven have sprinkled out silver spots on the ground. Only a great tit is singing. There is peace an silence.
A cosy time at home. I am sitting here thinking about my experience out in nature. I have a transparent glass ball on the table. I see all the beautiful things I am looking at the glass ball. I see the light is reflecting in the ball. The ball is sending out harmony.
We all need a moment of stillness every day, a little moment of solitude. Then we can meditate and get new energy. I find peace by going out by myself and enjoy all the things that are in nature. There is so much to see. But you have to open your eyes and carefully look around.
I want to share all the things I see with others. So I took my camera with me on my walks. When you take photos the LIGHT is important. The right light makes the picture nice and successful.
And THE LIGHT means that we can live. The light is coming from the sun.
But even we can send out light. Then we will make ourselves and others happy. And we will get energy to move on when things are difficult.

Wilhelmina Schedin 2016-03-10