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    Sorry, but Swedish housing firms, local housing authorities and accommodation agencies usually don't have their web sites in English ..... nevertheless they could of course help you to find a place to live. Use the dictionary below to get through the list of Swedish housing authorities.

    In Umeå I have found that Bostaden have good information in English about available flats (look for the link "In English" at their website).

    Here you have Master Erik. They are providing student rooms and a youth hostel in Holmsund.

    Da Capo Invest AB invests in purchasing properties in attractive residential areas of central Umeå. Offer premium apartments.

    This option is only for students."Akutrumsförmedlingen" acts as an intermediary for newly accepted free-mover students from within the EU at Umeå Universty & SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences). Most of the time Akutrumsförmedlingen can find lodging in an apartement or a house, perhaps sharing living space with someone else. The distance from the university campus can vary. Sometimes, although it's rare, Akutrumsförmedlingen can find student rooms and small sublet apartements. The rent is usually between 1400 Skr/month and 3000 Skr/month.

    See also information about Housing from International Office at Umeå University

    Here is an option while finding a permanant place STF Youth Hostel Umeå Address: Västra Esplanaden 10. The reception is open: 8-10,17-19. Phone: +46 (0)90 771650 Fax: +46 (0)90 771695

    This is a useful owerview showing Umeå City - pointing out Umeå Airport, Umeå Railway Station, Umeå Bus Station, Youth Hostel Umeå, Umeå University and Umeå School of Business (USBE)

    A map is always a good start. Concerning Umeå, here you have a Map (click on the part that you want to enlarge). Here a map overview of the Umeå University Campus area and here a nice air-point-view-picture of the University Campus area   (see also National Geographic's MapMachine or Google Maps and Google Earth)

    Another useful thing is a dictionary English-Swedish and Swedish-English

    Climate / Temperature / Seasons
    This could be of interest : Weather in Umeå (current conditions and forecasts) delivered from CNN or Yahoo or Weather Underground. And finally the local weather at Campus (Umeå University) delivered from the department of Applied Physics and Electronics

    In the table you can see the average temperature in Umeå .... it is there for you to judge what clothes to wear in each season: Autumn (September-October), Winter (November-March), Spring (April-May) and Summer (June-August). For -27° Celsius or -16.6° Fahrenheit (thus much colder than in your freezer) you need warm clothes, a pair of strong shoes, gloves and perhaps a fur hat.

    (If you prefer the Fahrenheit scale. Here the converted temperatures)

Average temperatures Umeå (Umeå Airport) :

Max - Min temperatures, frosty days, real warm days and days with precipitation in Umeå (Umeå Airport) :

Various "weather" statistics for Umeå, known as "The City of Birches" (Björkarnas stad) :

    Sweden is located so far north in Europe that the Arctic Circle slices through the northernmost province Lapland. However it is not an Arctic country. Thanks to the warm Gulf Stream in the Atlantic, Sweden has a rather mild climate considering its location. The difference between the southern and northern parts of Sweden is marginal during the summer but greater during the other seasons. Northern Sweden is snow-covered at least between December and March/April, while elsewhere it varies from region to region. In the far south it often rains during the winter season.
    In Umeå (where on Earth is Umeå ? ... besides Lat N 63°48' Long E 20°17' Altitude 7) the seasons are very distinct from one another. Autumn brings colder weather and shorter days but also beautiful color changes of the leaves. Winter and the snow brightens up the country although the days get even shorter (at the shortest only 6 hours of daylight). During the time when nights are really dark (September-March) it is possible to see wonderful Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) in the Umeå region. Spring arrives in April-May with longer days and spring flowers. In Sweden, and especially in Umeå, we celebrate the arrival of spring, the so-called Valborgsmässoafton (Walpurgis Night), on April 30. Summer lasts in general from May to mid-August, with an average temperature in July 2002 of 18°C (64°F). It is the season with long days and 24-hour daylight, and finally in the far north, above the Arctic Circle you can actually see the midnight sun.

    I do recommend you to visit kulturCHOCK a famous former electronic newsletter. The newsletter do not deal with art, culture, traditions, scenery, but rather day-to-day important topics, such as: Should I or should I not take off my shoes at this party? You will also get knowledge about important issues for example Brännboll: the Swedish sport that's like softball, but without any rules. The newsletter also have a renowned corner for Swedish idioms in painfully literal translation.

    If fishing could be of interest here you have all about fishing in Sweden and here a Classic Swedish Car, about Northern Lights etc.

    At the very end. How to survive Sweden in the Summer etc.

    and what the CIA have found out about Sweden

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