There are dishonest people out there on the internet !

I have fishing related pages on the net since 1994 (as a matter of fact first in Sweden). I started to build my page Manufacturers .... Rods, Lines, Reels, Hooks, Tackle etc. in 1996.

During these years I have had and still have good help from members in the eur-fly@ list, manufacturers and of course also from nice people mailing me new sites and telling me when links are "dead".

What make me sad is mail telling me that my collection is copied on other sites. What to do, I write to them and suggest that they instead ought to put up a link to the origin.

Here an example on exchange of notes with one of these dishonest businessman (yes, people in business!)


Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2000 17:07:22 +0200
From: Lennart Widmark

It is up to you if you wish this sentence activated:

And at the very end something completely different : Thiefs on the net.

If you find my above collection on other sites, please let me know so that
I can contact them and advice them to follow copyright rules and pure
etics (Edit Select All or View page source). If they do not listen they
will "be pilloried" below.

Why should you do that ? A visitor like you searching for info on items
found above maybe not bother if it was found on my site or somewhere else.
However, why be satisfied with non-updated copies when you could find the
always updated origin site on this very fast server !

Thanks to all of you who bother and let me know
Here we have one of them "internet thiefs" :   XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

------------- on my Thus, prompt replay from you /Lennart Widmark ============================== From: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX To: "Lennart Widmark" Subject: Re: About XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 21:24:16 -0600 pissoff ================================
As you can see it is not that easy to handle dishonest people. I can't understand why they steal others work and then give the impression that they have done the work themselves ..... "appear in stolen feathers" .... and even copyright what they have stolen ?

During my mission to make people remember what they learned in the Sunday school "Thou Shallt Not Steal" I have of course also got more pleasant respond. Below some examples:

"..... took a view at the html-code at our page I now see that our webmaster did wrong. I will see to ..."

" .... we hired a consult to do our website .XX.. he will hear from us ..."

" .... I am deeply sorry for this. XX is no longer employee he doesn't fit in our organization ..."


Some of them argue that I don't have sole right to link to the manufacturers. I alone of course don't have the right to link to manufacturers. My objection is merely that I dislike when people obviously steal my work and create a new page with no reference back to the origin source .... and still I can't understand why they are vasting time on copy work instead of just link to my smashing collection ?

And at the end some information about my growing list. Below a mail to eur-flyfish 1998. Earlier mail to the list in this matter are of store reasons no longer at my hard disk.


Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 16:27:00 +0000
From: Lennart Widmark
Subject: Just a simple inquiry

Hi listers,
now I have links to these :

AbuGarcia, Accurate, Berkley, Browning, Cabela´s, 
Climax, Cortland, Daiwa, DAM, Falcon Rods, Fenwick, 
Fly Logic, Gamakatsu, Gatti, Gearkeeper, Hardy, 
Hexagraph Rods, Johnson,Lamson, Leathercrafts, 
H.L. Leonard Rod, G. Loomis, Loon Outdoors, Loop, 
Lure Net Inc. Martin Fishing, Mitchell, Mustad, 
Normark, Okuma, Orvis, Pacific Eagle, Patagonia, 
Peetz, Penn Reels, Powell Rods, Quantum Fishing, 
Ready Rig, Redington, Ross Reels, Sage, Shakespeare, 
Shimano, Scientific Anglers, Scott, Silstar, South Bend, 
SpiderWire, Stenzel, St. Croix, STH, Stratos, Talon, 
Jim Teeny, Thomas & Thomas, Umpqua, R.L.Winston Rods, 
Lee Wulff

at my "Manufacturers .... Rods, Lines, Reels etc-page"

My question is if anyone of you in your bookmark file have
links that I have missed ? Nice of you if you would share 
your bookmarks with other fisherman on the net

Lennart W
please mail missing URLs to

Remark. Now a days the Eur-Flyfish list has a new home.
If you are interested you will find a way to the list here:

To sum up, people who want to put this page (Manufacturers .... Rods, Lines, Reels, Hooks, Tackle etc.) on your own web server, please renounce and use a link instead. The reason is simple: I and other upright people don't want old copies with old versions laying around on the web ....

You can send me a mail if you want to know what people/businessmen you should be aware of.

Best wishes
and I will "keep up the good work"
Lennart Widmark

And at the very end ..... there is a scamp in Thailand that you should be aware of ! His company is selling flies. Further information please contact