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Fishing in LW's part of the World   the North of Sweden

Fishing information Västerbotten   Sweden   ?

Crocheted Flies   Norway/Sweden

Crocheted fly-patterns   Norway/Sweden (top)

Crocheted Montana Nymphs   Norway/Sweden

Crocheted Golden Salmon Montana Nymphs   Norway/Sweden

False Hair Flies   Sweden

Fishing Magazines   Sweden

Fishing Books and Antiquarian   Sweden

Swedish Sport Fishing / Angling Record   Fresh water (top)

Swedish Sport Fishing / Angling Record   Salt water (top)

The Vindel River / Vindelälven   Sweden

How to reach Salmon and Sea Trout   - with your single-handed fly rod

The Salmon Cloudberry Fly   - salmon roe appearance

How to get to the fishing spot   - Vehicle

Glass Bead Flies   Sweden

How to get sea trout and salmon !   if nothing else works

100 Fly Fishing Hooks   (Mustad and Partridge)

Manufacturers Fishing equipment   Rods, Lines, Reels etc.

An excellent Fly Box   ... "homemade"

WC in Fly Fishing, Lapland Fishing and LWCF   Sweden

EUR-FLYFISH   Subscribe !

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Sweden and Europe, new since June 1995

Adopt a Salmon   ( yes it´s true, innovative swedes you know ;-)

The Landscape Ecology Group   Umeå University Sweden

Department of Aquaculture   SLU Umeå Sweden

Umeå Marine Sciences Centre   Umeå University Sweden

Aquascope   Göteborg University Sweden

The EcoFly Homepage   Sweden

The Swedish Flyfishers Association   in Swedish

Mjällån Fish Watch   Sweden

Flyfish´s Home Page   Sweden

Artflies   Sweden

The Watershed   Sweden

Whip Finish   - the natural way

Nordic Women's Fly-Fishing   Sweden   Nordens Kvinnliga Flugfiskare

Ironhooks Sportfishingsite   Sweden

The RodPlace   Sweden

Fishing perch   Sweden

Woxa   Sweden   Split Cane, River Voxnan

Laxguiden.com   Sweden   A guide to Salmon fishing in Sweden

Team Fettrocka   Sweden

ROFF - flyfishing in the northern part of Sweden, Lapland   Sweden

FFC Pike   Sweden

Fly-Fishermen's Gallery (left frame)   Sweden

Flysalmon   Sweden

Byske Sport Fishing Museum   Sweden   - the worlds largest collection of fishing- reels !

Federation of Fly Fishers   Europe

Fishing Denmark   this one is really good !

Federation of Fly Fishers Denmark

The Art of Flyfishing   Artwork by Lars Viberg Denmark

The Danish Fly Festival

Jens Bursell   Denmark

The Norwegian Flyshop   this one too !

Furuly´s Salmon Fishing Pages   Norway   nice flies

Tide Prediction   Norway

The TroutBum   Norway

Norwegian Flyfishers Club   Norway

Norwegian Salmon Association   Norway

Angling Club Lax-á   Iceland

River Owners   Iceland

International Gamefisher Magazine   Iceland

Dictionary Species:Fish   Iceland

Fishing in Finland   Regulations etc.

Kotka Salmon Centre   Finland

Match fishing homepage   Finland

Baltic Sea Portal   The Finnish Institute of Marine Research

Fishing in Scotland   Absolute !

FlyFishing Scotland   Scotland

Fishing in Wales   UK Wales

Crediton Fly Fishing Club   UK Devon

The UK Sea Fishing FAQ   UK

Fish & Fly   UK (a non-profit on-line magazine)

The British Float Tube Association   UK

Fishlink   UK   (Aquaculture and Fisheries)

The Gamefishing Web   UK

The British Disabled Angling Association   UK

Barnet & District Angling Club   UK

UKLinks4 - Anglers   UK

J Ds FlyFishing Page   UK

Fishtec   UK

The Flyfisher's Classic Library   UK

Diptera - Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Resource   UK

Gone Fishing   UK Countryside Alliance

The Grayling Society   UK

Angling Artwork   UK   Fine Art Prints

Flybox   UK   A comprehensive library of information on Flies

FlyFishingWorld   UK

Angling Experience   Ireland

Irish Anglers Paradise   Ireland

TroutConcert   Ireland

Char Conservation Group   Ireland

The Central Fisheries Board   Ireland


Flyfishing International   Switzerland

WWW-Flycaster-Site   Germany

Fischgerichte / Fish course - 34000 Recipes   Germany

Der Fliegenfischer   fly-only magazine, Germany

Der Fliegenfischer   Germany

Angel-Links.de   Germany

Fly Fishing in France

Montage des mouches   France   Professional fly tying !!

Avozetto   France   Fly tying

Association for the Study and Improves of the Salmónidos   Spain

Portugal Flyfishing   Portugal

Fly Fishing Internet - Hans van Klinken   The Netherlands

North Dutch Flyfishing Club   The Netherlands

Fishing ... Pike etc.   The Netherlands

Henk´s flies   The Netherlands

Flytier's Page   The Netherlands

The Royal Casting Club   Belgium

Fishing in Austria

Rapitori.info   Romania

Fly Fishing   Italy

Advanced Fly Casting School   Italy

Simfly.it   Italy

medflyfish   The Mediterranean

Fisheries Research Institute   Slovenia

Angling Club of Tolmin   Slovenia

Flyfishing Wedkarstwo Muchowe   Poland

NaMuche.pl - Wedkarstwo muchowe   Poland

Fishing in Latvia

Rackelhanen Flyfishing Magazine   Sweden

Viking Fishing   Sweden

Outdoor.se - Fishing   Sweden

Popular Fishing Flies   Sweden

Nestor Dupo's Flies   Sweden

Classic Salmon Flies   Sweden   very nice !

ppSalmonflies.com   Sweden

Lundgrens Fishing Equipment   Sweden, Stockholm

Angler's Paradise   Sweden   an unusual CD etc.

Fishingimage.com   Sweden   Wonderful pictures !

Lar Fishing   Sweden   Useful flies !

Lapland Fishing   Sweden

Lapland Vuollerim   Sweden

Hunting & Fishing   Sweden

Fishing in Sävsjö   Sweden

Swedish Adventure - fishing   Sweden

ScandiWest Fly Fishing   Sweden

Flyfishing in the north of Sweden   in Laisälven

Top 10 Fishing   Sweden

River Mörrumsån   Sweden

Natural Fishing Camps   Southeast Sweden

Västervik Fishing Camp   Sweden

Byske Salmon Valley   Sweden

Byske River - SnickarSmedjan   Sweden

Catch Salmon, Trout, Pike and Char in Lake Lelång   Sweden

Fishingnorth   Sweden   Kola, Tjounajokk etc.

Strömhult's sportfishing   Sweden

Lainio Vildmark   Sweden   Lainio River

Jockfall Fishing & Holiday Camp   Sweden   Kalix River and the Ängesstream

The Jokkmokk Fishing Guide   Sweden

Swedish Fishguiding tours   Sweden, Stockholm

The Southern Lapland River Guides   Sweden

The Southern Klarälven fishery administration area   Sweden

Granselegarden Lapland Lodge   Sweden - caccia, pesca, vacanza in Lapponia

Fishing in the Mountain Region of Norrbotten   Sweden

Munkebergs Camping   Sweden - Fishing in Värmland

Lugnets Hunting & Fishing   Sweden - Lapland

FishingCenter Ammarnäs   Sweden Lapland, Vindelälven

Hökensås Sportfishing   Sweden

Norrlandsfiske   Sweden - 30000 lakes and streams

Dialoguepartners fishing site   Sweden

Fishing in Sweden   Sweden

Kukkolaforsen   Sweden

Arctic Fishing   Sweden

FishYourDream   Sweden - Gotland

Cinclus C Fishing guide   Sweden (very useful)

Fly Lab   Denmark

Mustad   Norway

Din Tur   Norway

Fishing adventure by the North Sea   Norway

Fly-fishing in Trysil   Norway

Fly-fishing in Hemsedal   Norway

Furoy Fishing Camp   Norway

Summer Fly Ltd   Finland

Veidihornid Tackle Shop   Iceland

Arkóveidi ltd   Iceland

My Favorite Fishing Spots   Iceland

www.fishing.co.uk   Angling Magazine etc.

Coch-Y-Bonddu Books   UK

The Golden Age of Angling   UK (Books)

The English Fly Fishing Shop   UK

Glyndwr Fishery   UK Wales

River Tiefi - Fisheries   UK Wales

Dolgellau Angling Association   UK Wales

Partridge of Redditch   UK

Sport Flies   UK

Carlsons Fishing Tackle   UK

World Wide Fishing flies   UK

Fishing Breaks   UK

www.anglingnews.net/   GB and Ireland

Tweed Salmon Fishings   Scotland

River Nith   Scotland

Somers Fishing Tackle   Scotland, Aberdeen

Frandy Fishery   Scotland, Ochil hills on Gleneagles Estate, Perthshire

Kilcoleman Salmon Fishing   Ireland

Atlantic Salmon Fishing on Ireland's Cork Blackwater

Blackwater Fly Fishing   Ireland

Fishing Ireland on Sheelin   Ireland

ezefishingIreland.net   Ireland

Marc Petitjean   Switzerland

Fishtrip   Germany

Fishtrip.nl   Netherlands

Fly-Fishing in Ariège Pyrénées   France

Trout Fishing in Andorra

Blue Marlin Sport Fishing   Spain

Trout Fishing La Rioja   Spain

Fly Fishing Guide   Spain

taimen.com   Poland

Kupa Flyfishing   Croatia

Apartmani "Mistral" - River Gacka   Croatia

CyberTrout Home Page   Western Europe

Planet Flyfishing   Sweden, Europe etc

World Wide Weather Reports

The fishing weather in Sweden - SMHI ... and Europe !

Lightning Archive Europe

The weather for fishing in Europe

The weather for fishing in the rest of the World

News groups etc






swnet.fritid.sportfiske   Scandinavian


Sea Trout Fishing Forums   Interesting topics

Fishing Chatroom   Beach and River Talk

Talk Angling and fishing chat   European

Elsewhere (not condescending)

JP´s Fishing Page

JP´s Rainbow Trout   (a Client Pull Link)   still on the air

L.J.´s Flyfishing Page !!!

Real's Reels - an impressive Classic ABU Collection !

Federation of Fly Fisher

The American Museum of Fly Fishing

Dan Blanton's Home Page

Jack Gartside's Home Page

Barry M.Thornton

Dave and Emily Whitlock

Davy Wotton

Fly Fishing Database and FAQ Home Page   ( J.P. )

The Fish gif Library   ( J.P. )

The Virtual Fly Box   Flies Page   ( J.P. )

Fly Tying

Fly Angler's OnLine Magazine

Fly Fishing equipment   All you ever will need !

Global Fly Fisher   a very good on-line resource

Salmon Anglers Online

Fly Casting Forum

IBFN - International Big Fish Network

The Ice Fishing Home   Gateway to all Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing World   The Hard (Water) Life

Ice Team

flyfishsalt.com   Saltwater Angling

Flycasters of San Jose

SuperFly Fishing Machine   software package designed for Fly-Tying


Fishing Knots

Gorton's Fresh Fish Recipes

Fishing Guides at FishingReporters.com   Freshwater and Saltwater

Joe's Old Lures Home Page

Salmon Preservation Association for the Waters of Newfoundland

Japan Fly Fishers

Trouts and Seasons of The Mountain Village in Japan

Angie's Shrine to the Fishingoddess   Unique! !

Fly Fishing the Desolation Wilderness

Bob´s Fishin Hole

The Fishing Notebook

Fishing Russia

The Kola Peninsula   Russia

The Varzina River   Russia

Fishing in Greenland

An outdoor experience with Art   Wisconsin

Flyfishing for Steelhead and Salmon

Fishing in the Northwest

Utah On The Fly

Salmon Trout and Steelhead fishing in British Columbia

Fishing Reports - Hawkesbury River area   Australia

Angler Guide.com   Salmon River Fishing Report. Idaho, Montana and Wyoming

Fishing in Canada

Spring Creek Aquatic Concepts   Biologists who design and develop fishing lakes

Fishing New Brunswick Canada

Fishing New Zealand

Washington Fly Fishing

SharpHooks.com - BC Fishing Knowledgebase

Fishing Reports at FinTalk   Saltwater fishing reports

Alaska Fishing

Fly Fishing Thailand   Thailand

New Zealand Fly Fishing   Trout and Salmon Fishing

TexasSportfishing.com   Lakes, Rivers and Saltwater

Northwest Fishing Guides   Canada

Fishing & Hunting Statewide !   Louisiana

Bass Pro Shops(r) Outdoor World Online

North of 49 Outfitters

Rainbow Realty   Idaho

Angling B.C.   Canada

Fly Fishing Network

The Fishing Network

Louisiana Fishing

The Caller-Times Interactive Fishing Page

Fine Fishing Magazine

The California Delta

Fishing in Montana

Welcome To The World Of Fishing

Fly Fishing in Arizona

The Virtual Flyshop   a lot of good web nodes

GORP - Fishing Resources on the Internet   also good

Mark Vinsel Gallery   Paintings

Steve Volski   Paintings

Fly Fishing Fine Art   Paintings

Fishing and Hunting corner

The Sportsman´s Web Inc.

Fish & Hunt   New Zealand

Islander Reels

Fishinternet Australia

AnglersWeb, Inc.´s - fishing.com!

Sport Fishing Information BC


Big Jon Trolling Systems

The Steelhead Site

The Midwest Flytyer

The Urban Angler Ltd. online

Manhattan Custom Tackle

Fishing in British Columbia

The Carp and Carpfishing Network

The Chesapeake Angler Magazine

Lopstick Lodge


CyberAngler   Florida

Sandy Point Lodge in Minnesota   Roots in Västerbotten, Sweden !

Sandy Point Lodge in Canada   Also with roots in Västerbotten, Sweden !

Flyfish.com - Resource Guide

Sport Fishing British Columbia

BC Camping   campgrounds in British Columbia

Blue Water Anglers   South-East Asia   Also with roots in Sweden !

Durango Fly Goods

Reel-Time   The Internet Journal of Saltwater Fly Fishing

Golden Witch Rods

Ron's Great Lakes Fishing and Boating

Small Stream Fly Fishing

Holdzit   save your fishing tool from rust

Idaho Fish 'n' Hunt

Idaho Rod & Reel Magazine

The Ram River Outdoorsman

Lake Online´s Fishin´ Hole

Fishing Tackle Source Directory

AIM Adventures - Fishing


Trout Flyer Unlimited



Fishing the Ozarks   Missouri

InTheBite.com   The Crews Source

Samar Magic Fishing Tours   Mongolia


Affordable Alaska Fishing Guide

Argentina Chile Fly Fishing

Nanook Lodge in BC   Also with roots in Sweden !

EJ's Fishing

Fishing Trips of a Lifetime   Costa Rica, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico ...

Alaska/Washington Fishing Guides & Charters

Fishing The Coast - Oregon and Washington

Canadian Fly Fishing Services   - excursions throughout the Canadian Rockies

Southern Exposure   Chilean Patagonia

Acun Leufu   Fly Fishing PatagoniaRagged Island Bonefish Club   Bahamas -->

River Excitement   Upper Connecticut River

North Dakota Fishing

Minnesota Fishing

Minnesota Fishing at My Fishing Pals   chat room etc.

Panama Fishing & Catching

North Dakota Hunting & Fishing - Nodak Outdoors

Alaska Sports Den   Alaska Fishing Headquarters

Quality Fishing Adventures   Oregon

Best adventure vacations

BigDamFish.Net   Fishing & hunting games in Pennsylvania

Western Canada Outdoor Experience   Northwest BC, Canada

Paddy Clark - New Zealand Fly Fishing Guide

Fly Fishing in Argentina   River Pico

Indian Beat   Fishing in Southern India

Spooled - Australia's Premier Fishing Website

Anglers Lounge   Community for All Anglers

Alaska Fishing Lodge   Kenai River

Utah fly fishing

Alaska Fishing Lodge

Florida Charter Fishing Captains

Warren Sellers Sportfishing   Costa Rica

Shearwater Marine Resort   Canada

Gusto Charters   Alaska

Classic Alaska Charters


Fishing-Boating Online

Gone Fishing Charters   Australia

Australian Marlin Charters   Australia

Boat Owner's World

Western Marine Inc.   Idaho

Stowaway Holdaway   loads of boating resources !

Chaser Key West   Capt Mike Wilbur

Shallow water sight fishing   Capt Dan Ayo

Cancun Fishing Charters   Mexico

Cancun Deep Sea, Flats and Fly Fishing   Mexico

Strikezone Fly & Sportsfishing   Australia

Catching Not Fishing   Lake Lanier

Outer Limit Charters   Venice South Louisiana

Inshorance Charters   New Orleans

Salmon Eye Charters - Your BC Fishing Experts!   Also BC Salmon Fishing Reports

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Yahoo   /Recreation/Outdoors/Fishing/

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The Fishfinder


Rx F Fish Data Base

Fishing and Camping Online


Fishing Directory

Bettercatch Fishing Directory




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