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Sternberg's March issue of the "Internet Business Guide" is now available :

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You can also take it home ftp (500 pages).

The rush by business to "get on the net" is in full swing. Most companies are looking at the net as retail real estate. That approach is fine, but it misses much of the Internet's greatest importance to business.

This book explains all of the Internet's value to business users. It describes its benefits and its difficulties; and it also locates the net's most important business services, resources and opportunities.

An entire chapter is devoted to explaining business research because the resources available on the net increase every day, and everything of use or interest to business can not possibly be covered in a book. The Internet grows faster than any group can document it. This book is intended as a guide to the BEST resources. More important, it explains how to kept current while the Internet more than doubles in size every year.

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