Free pocket Farenheit/Celsius converter!

As most kulturCHOCK! readers know, this has been a long, hot summer in North America. But how hot is it? How do you explain to Uncle Arvid in Vrigstad just how hot 103 degrees Farenheit really is? An earlier edition of kulturCHOCK! provided our readers with useful tools for converting various weights and measures.

kulturCHOCK! recognizes, however, that not all of us have a Web connection 24 hours a day. Regrettable, but true. We understand that hardcopy resources still have a role to play in the world today.

In the name of Public Service, then, kulturCHOCK! is pleased to be able to offer a FREE FARENHEIT/CELSIUS CONVERTER. To claim your free converter, take the following steps:

1. Go to New York City. (kulturCHOCK! readers in New York City can skip this step).

2. Get a New York City subway map. (Or use this one)

3. Find the East Side IRT (number 6 train) on the map. Note that the stations between 33rd Street and 103rd Street are as follows:

33rd, 42nd, 51st, 59th, 68th, 77th, 86th, 96th, 103rd

4. Now, starting with 33rd Street, write in the numbers 0-40 next to the station names, in increments of 5, thus:

Street/Farenheit Approximate Celsius
33rd 0
42nd 5
51st 10
59th 15
68th 20
77th 25
86th 30
96th 35
103rd 40

5. There you have it! Your very own pocket Farenheit/Celsius converter! Thanks to Pierre Jelenc of the soc.culture.nordic newsgroup for this tip.

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