I can't see the ball but I'm too cold to care:

1995 Bandy World Championships come to Minnesota

Will Minnesota ever be the same again? Back in February, the World Championships of Bandy were held in the Twin Cities. This sport, which is one of the major winter sports in Sweden, is almost unheard-of here in the states. The U.S. has had a team for a number of years, however, and to help popularize the sport here the World Championships of this exotic game were moved to a place where almost no one has ever seen a match. Imagine the World Series in Pakistan, the Super Bowl in Tahiti - that's what the Bandy Championships in Roseville, MN is like.

The following are my day-by-day accounts of the tournament that were shared with the participants in SWEDE-L.

Just what IS Bandy, anyway? SWEDE-L subscribers speak out.

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