The results are in: kulturCHOCK!s godisundersökning

In our last update of kulturCHOCK!, we asked readers to vote on the candy they missed the most, and to explain why. Five delicacies were on the list: Ahlgrens bilar, Dajm, Gott o Blandat, Dumle, and Marabou Mjölkchoklad.

Today we are happy to announce the results of this signifcant sociological investigation. In addition, we will be awarding a bag full of all five items to the kulturCHOCK! reader who was best able to describe his or her passion for his or her favorite.

First, the results:

kulturCHOCK!s Godisundersökning
godis% of votes
Gott o Blandat16%


A clear victory for Marabou. A disappointing second place for kulturCHOCK!s own favorite, Bilar. Not a single vote for Dumle, which just goes to show how little the editor understands what is and is not popular.

A number of illegal write-in votes showed that the favorites outside the list are salt licorice and gelehallon (raspberry gums). This despite the editors warning that votes for salt licorice would result in immediate disqualification, due to the editors extreme distaste for this disgusting substance.

And the winner is...

The best description was submitted by kulturCHOCK! reader Ann Strohm, who describes her favorite as follows:
"I wake up in the middle of the night and realize that my mouth is filled with a sweet pastel froth that can only be Bilar. Apparently I have been devouring them in my sleep again. They are soft and chewy on the inside with a harder crust-like outside. And after I chew on them for a while and swirl the sugar juice around my tongue, I smack my lips and relish the delightful treat. I crave them day and night, and I beg my Swedish friends to send them. On Christmas and my birthday when that glorious, long-awaited packet arrives, I spin in circles around the room. Dizzy and completely out of control, I tear open the bag and dive into the overwhelming flavor and texture of Bilar. I once traveled to Gavle to pay homage to the Bilar shrine, Algrens. There I sampled factory-fresh Bilar, I had reached godis nirvana."
"Sweet pastel froth". Could there be any better description of a mouthful of bilar?

A bag full of treats is on its way to Ann.

Honorable Mentions

The following readers did very well in capturing the essence of their favorite:


Linda Suurkula:

Bilar is my favorite because they last so long. I used to buy a bag every time I went to the movie theatre, and eat and eat until at least half the movie had gone by. I also like godisbilar because they have 3 different tastes, each just as delicious as the other ones. The pastel color is very appetizing, and so faint that you barely realize that you are about to put artificial coloring into your system. What I think is really cool too is the shape. Every time a look at the little things I get wet in my mouth and I start feeling faint if I don't immediately put one into my mouth to taste the delicious soft little car tumble around in my mouth and fall helplessly into my craving stomach. Leve Sverige med alla dess godheter och speciellt godisbilarna!!!


Kent Adebom:

Cannot avoid trying enter this. To fully enjoy Dajm, you need a cup of coffee, I mean real coffee and not the american substitute for it. The first phase is dipping the Dajm into the coffee, then sucking off the choclate layer, half melted. This can be done approx eight times before the choclate layer is completely gone. Second phase: Hold the Dime halfway into your mouth, suck it and try to bend the knäck with your tongue, without breaking it. When it has become a half-circle, turn it around and do the other side. The ultimate goal is to complete the shape of a pipe at the same time as it is almost completely melted. Then, and not before, you may chew the rest. The whole procedure should take 3 minutes. This is not a joke. Yum!


It sticks so delicious in my teeth so u can feel the taste 4 days afterwards. My best Daim was when I bought a 20-pack in the TaxFree at Dusseldorf, Germany and ate it all in five minutes... jummy!

I miss my Daim!!! :-(

Tomas Lenman

What thing can give such a craving feeling
that you see yourself from children stealing?
it is the bar with an immediate choclaty taste,
not too dark, not too light, makes you ignore your waist.
it's so good so you want it to last,
but you can't help it - you will chow it fast.
but then that inner crispy butter-scotch layer,
is slow to dissolve and it answers your prayer:
it will stick in all your cavities caves
and stay there for long - making us it's slaves.

Gott o Blandat

Dan Lufkin

I used to eat them in the movies and they contained vitamins that helped me understand what Ingemar Bergman was driving at. Nu att jag inte kan få tag på dem, jag förstår ingenting, inte ens Waterworld.

Freddy Hansen

En av mina vanner som jag ofta gar pa bio med tycker av nagon konstig anledning valdigt mycket om salt lakrits, men gillar inte de andra sorterna i Gott och Blandat. Eftersom jag ar precis tvartom, och dessutom gillar att ga pa bio, blev Gott och Blandat snabbt min biogodisfavorit. Utomlands kan man ofta hitta hyfsat god choklad, men aldrig nagot som kan ersatta Gott och Blandat. ("Swedish Fish" i USA kommer inte ens i narheten.) Lyckligtvis brukar min mamma skicka mig ett kilo Gott och Blandat da och da!

Editors note: What an excellent suggestion for getting rid of the salty ones!.


Megan Lynch

Chocolate and its adoration is a highly personal religion. Just as the U.S. is the home of televangelism, offering the flock a saccharine form of religion with no depth, we are also the home of cheap, tawdry chocolate. Good commercially available chocolate can not be had for love or money in the States. All that can be scoffed is overly sweet, brittle and utterly without depth of taste. In Sweden, that country that cottoned so to Lutheranism,it is understood that religion is a personal experience and that one can reach ecstasy on one's own, needing no priest as intermediary. Marabou produces the medium to that ecstasy. Its product is creamy, not *too* sweet and melts in waves over your tongue. Each wave brings another nuance of flavor, from the first crest of sweetness to the slightly bitter ebb that recedes slowly into satisfied memory.

Michael Persson

What could possibly be better than a 200g Marabou "kaka" and a cup of coffee (Swedish brewed) and sit down and watch "Sport Spegeln" on a Sunday night???

Robert "Mmmmmmmmaribou" Åberg

The way that it melts makes my mumsa-ing slow down - sooo sexy the way it slides around. Plus, my wife will say "yes" to me about *anything* after only a few squares...

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