P6/Z News via the Web

There are lots of sources for news from Sweden on the Web, but here is a chance to listen to the P6/Z radio news from Stockholm, just minutes after it goes out over the airwaves in Sweden.

For the news-starved Swede a long way from home this is a mixed blessing, because these days the news seems to be dominated by the goings-on in Bosnia, so there's not a lot of room for Swedish news. But what the heck, it is always nice to hear modersmålet when you are a long way from home.

You will need a sound card on your computer and a 14,000 baud modem is recommended, although kulturCHOCK! has been able to get it to work fairly well at 9600.

You will also need to download a nifty program called RealAudio, available for free at the RealAudio web site. This program plays up sound files as they are sent over the Internet. This is a great improvement over other sound formats that require you to download an entire file before listening.

Then point your browser to Radio P6/Z at http://www.everyday.se/hem/p6/ to listen to the latest broadcast!

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