Stupid Web Tricks:
Send a Fax to Uncle Arvid in Vrigstad

Everyone has an Uncle Arvid. You know, your friend or relative in the old country that will never own a computer or have an e-mail address. But just because Arvid is a slacker when it comes to the infobahn, there is no reason to cut him off entirely. Many of the Arvids of the world have a fax or know someone who has one. Why not send him a fax via your computer?

SUNET, the Swedish University Network, has a little-known fax server with an e-mail interface. You can send a message to any fax number in Sweden by sending an e-mail message. You simply address the message using a formula consisting of the name of the person you are sending to and his or her fax number. The formula for this is:

So, a fax to at fax number to Janne Johansson in Stockholm at phone number 08/1234567, you would simply address a message to:

kulturCHOCK!, always on the lookout for a freebie, is happy to share this tip as long as it lasts.

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