Happy Brynolf Day!:
The Swedish Expatriate's Page provides the essentials

The Swedish Expatriate's page contains a number of links of interest to the lonesome Swede lost in the rest of the world.

Sabina Romlin Rapaport is like the hundreds of kulturCHOCK! readers who have been so desparate to leave their homeland that the go and fall in love with someone from another part of the world. Once one leaves, of course, one starts to miss all of the things that used to irritate.

That's where the Swedish Expatriate's page comes in. She has collected a number of links of interest to others in her predicament. She also offers a number of amusing tidbits about Canada. (kulturCHOCK! has rarely paid any attention to its northern neighbor, so you might want to check that out as a substitute).

But Sabina's true contribution to the Web is her calendar of Swedish Name Days. For the uninitiated, your typical Swedish calendar is cluttered with odd-sounding names attached to most days. Some of the names are even recognizable and pronouncable. If you know anyone with one of those names, you should congratulate him or her on his or her Name Day.

These contrived holidays are in fact nothing more than an excuse for the Swedes to serve a gooey cake along with the usual coffee and kaka. So grattis på namnsdagen! and please pass the sugar.

-David Curle

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