Legal Corner: Dual Citizenship

A recent discussion on SWEDE-L about the ability of Swedes to maintain dual citizenship in the US raised more questions than it answered. Your kulturCHOCK! correspondent combed cyberspace in search of answers to these mysteries, and found an extremely helpful FAQ (frequently asked questions) about Dual Citizenship written by Rich Wales, an American living in Canada who will soon acquire dual citizenship himself.

Rich Wales is not a lawyer or professional immigration consultant, which explains why his FAQ is so well-written and clearly understandable.

While the FAQ goes a long way towards clearing up a number of questions about the US policies toward citizehship, kulturCHOCK! is looking for authoritative sources on the Swedish legal position. If you know of any sources, online or hardcopy, that are useful and informative, please let us know! We will include them in a future edition. ( REMEMBER this is HISTORY, thus you can't write ! )

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