Domestic Bliss: Baking Farenheit in a Celsius world

How much is 175 degrees Celsius in Farenheit?

Älskling, how much is 3 cups of milk?

Whether you are from the old country or the new, you probably have cookbooks from both. Over the years I have accumulated an impressive collection of conversion charts, tables and wall hangings that allow me to cook in Swedish while measuring in American (or vice-versa).

However, the Web might have changed all that. Here's a nifty Web site that allows you to covert between metric and US measures of weight, capacity, length, area, volume, and temperature.

And when you take your next trip back home to visit your mother-in-law, you might need this handy table of foreign currency conversions.

Have a PC but not a modem at home? There's a very complete conversion program for Windows called Convert It!(tm) that will take any unit of measurement that you can think of (and dozens you can't) and convert them to something else. It's shareware, costs $15 plus $3 handling, and can be obtained from:

SMI Corp
Box 582221
Tulsa, OK 74158

Bon Appetit!

David Curle

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