Ytterligare en Top-Ten lista:
10 Swedish sites we'd like to see

The Swedish Web is growing by leaps and bounds. kulturCHOCK! applauds the rapid Webbification of Sverige. Looking ahead, here are some of the sites we'd like to see in the future:

The Electronic Liquor Store. Order booze online.
The Queueing Page
Live links to queue systems all over Sweden. Banks, Post Offices, Systembolaget, the Helsingborg-Helsingör ferry, etc. Find out how long your wait will be before you leave home.
Den Virtuella Finlandsbåten
Reserve the sauna, check out the lounge acts, and plan your trip to the Tax-free Shop on your next cruise to Åbo.
Death of the Welfare State
A complete collection (several megabytes) of every article published in the American press in the last 20 years with the theme: "Sweden's current crisis signals the end of its cradle-to-grave welfare system."
The Surströmming Page
Sound and video are already on the Net. Why not smell?
The Swedish-American Mispronounciation Guide
Understand your American cousins! Download recordings of actual Swedish-Americans trying to pronounce Örnsköldsvik, Växjö, Sjöbo, and the like.
Hänt i Veckan ONLINE
Virtual tantsnusk. Jannike Björling in every issue. Send in GIFs and JPEGs of your darling grandchildren and of your household pets in comical poses.
The Salt Lakrits Page
A web site devoted to Sweden's most disgusting confection. Pucker up!
Mona Sahlins Personal Finance Site
Sweden's former Vice Prime Minister provides tips for s t r e t c h i n g your family's kronor. Special money-saving tips in the areas of transportation and consumer credit.
The Swedish Travel Site
Two vacations in one! How to travel to Southern Europe and avoid meeting anyone but Swedes. Includes summertime tours to Mallorca, and winters in Austria. Sun, snow, and köttbullar, all in the same trip!

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