This service predicts the isoelectric point for protein sequences, or parts thereof. The user may either cut and paste the protein sequences in FASTA format or submit a text file containing the sequences.

The sequences may be chopped up into smaller segments, where the isoelectric point is calculated for each segment. Segment size is the number of residues in each segment. By default this feature is turned off, 'segment size' is set to zero. No segment size smaller than 30 is allowed.

The results will be emailed back to the specified email address.

NOTE: Please refrain from sending too many sequences at the time. Due to current server restrictions too large amounts of data will not be processed (The script has successfully run 100 sequences with an average size of about 500 residues and the segment size set to zero. With the segment size set to 30 it has successfully run 10 sequences of the same size).

This might be subject of change in the future, so please check back later. In the mean time it might be possible to run your request locally. Send an email to pI_predictor with the sequences in FASTA and a preferred segment size.

Sorry about any inconvenience this might cause.

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Author: Carl Wibom