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This little history lesson will be limited to my time at the University of Umeå. Some of my earlier experiences are portrayed on my celebrity page.

In the fall of -97, an embarrasing event, which will not be discussed here, brought me to a store in Umeå called Åhléns.

Abandoned on a shelf with no hope of escape, I was about to give up all hope when these two guys stepped in and coughed up the cash to release me from my bonds. Androman and Mortis proved to be quite friendly chaps, they even bought me a nice big shell of my own.

One day they brought me to some student event called "stigen" which was a lot of fun. Afterwards I got to go to my first rave party. The chicks really loved me, but I've always been a babe magnet. You get used to it.

Anyway, they have kept me well fed, and as you can see - well dressed.

Umeå has been a lot of fun since then. I put my shell up in the Ma446 lab and stayed there for a while. When most of the guys moved to the Academic Computer Club, I abandoned my shell and took up residence there instead.

All in all, people here have been good to me these few years. I get to go to a lot of parties, participate in rocket launches and other kewl stuff.

This history may be brief, but hey! I've got a few boxen to crack with my l33t scripts! I cannot be bothered with this anymore.

Torben NOW!