Me and my celebrity friends

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The first Swede going to space (except for me on that saturday evening..), mr Christer Fuglesang, came to Umeå to have some lectures. I helped him through them of course. Some more pictures here..

Roger D. Kornberg won the nobel price in chemistry in 2006 and came by Umeå to give me some hints on how to mix the best bird food.

Here I am jumping on 3370m² of façade in Paris! All thanks to the übercool Chaos Computer Club and their Arcade. This is a 20 story building! See here for additional pictures!

My very good friend Benoît Mandelbrot stopped by to hold a lecture, and ofcourse he just had to measure my roughness. Again.

Here I granted Folke Rydén what he called a "två-bilds-intervju". The things I do to help people get famous. Anyway, he and I went partying and I ended up having my head scorched. I'm presently looking for a good lawyer.

MQ thought that I should be in a jeans ad, so here I am...

Below are some *ahem* "imagined" images

Me and my pal Clinton. Does he know how to scratch belly or what!

Now this is a really old picture I found in the attic.
Torben NOW!