Thoughts... Some kind of pulsating things inside your brain, I guess. Something involving impulses travelling through your mind. Or so they say; the scientists, that is. Not that I really care - why should I? After all, the prime issue for me is not how my thoughts take place, but rather that they take place.

Oh, I guess I'm getting a little off-track. After all, I wasn't going to be philosophical here. I'm mainly trying to describe the meaning of this part of my homepage. Well, here it goes, the official description, with a FFAQ-section and all.

This page is supposed to be an alternative to a diary. I already have an online diary (despite my promise not to start writing one...) hence the need for duplication seems small.

Oh well, that still didn't express what this page is for, I guess. Let me try one more time. The contents of this page will mainly be my thoughts of the ongoings in my mind, the surrounding world, or in the quasi-world of the Linux Society. Of course, these topics tend to blend into eachother quite often.

FFAQ (Faked Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Where did you get the idea for such a page from?
A: From the wonderful page; I hope I didn't upset you by blatantly stealing your concept, Jan?! If so, I'll remove these pages. And then again, Jan Lund Thomsen's pages are far more interesting anyway, so he shouldn't really consider this any real competition.

Q: What will you use this page for?
A: To write things that are not exactly poetry, not exactly novels, and not exactly politics... Quite vague, huh?! Well, sorry for you. That's kind of the idea behind this page, really.

Q: Why do you include a FAQ when noone has asked any questions about the page yet?
A: It's not a FAQ. It's a FFAQ. That makes all the difference.

Q: Why are Micro$oft evil?
A: That, my friend, I keep asking myself too, from time to time. I cannot answer that question on their behalf, but I guess it's in their very nature.

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