Explanations and Excuses

Comments and Bad Excuses

Almost every poem I've ever written is available for reading here. Pretty please with sugar upon, send me your comments. Feedback is good, silence is bad.

Beware though, a lot of these poems are old. Really old. Most of them more than 10 years old, some of them were even written 20 years ago. Whenever I add new material, it'll be to either Knoppar or Elegier, depending on the mood of the poem, so the poetry in those two sections are either relatively fresh, or old poems I've found in drawers...

Some of the poems are political or philosophical; but does not necessarily reflect my current opinions. Indeed, they may even reflect opinions I never had. Some of the poems are very moody. I am not a suicide-candidate. If you are, I suggest reading the poem Suicide Is Not the Answer.

A lot of the poems are about lost love or yearning from a distance. Most of them were written during my years as a teenager. It should also be noted that a lot of the love poems do not actually have a particular person in mind. Sometimes I write just because I'm inspired by feelings (or even just twists of words that I come up with), rather than persons.

One poem, Alla hjärtans dag (in the collection Vattenpölar), is also available as an OGG Vorbis-file. I hope to be able to add more poems in this format later on, for the benefit of those hard of reading.

A list of all my poetry-collections

PS: If anyone is interested in publishing some of my poetry, you should know that I'm open to almost every suggestion. Hint, hint.

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