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    Welcome to this mirror site of the Great Net Spellbook and the Great Net Prayerbook! The GNSB and GNPB are two net.books filled with thousands of spells and prayers. And although designed with the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (TM) game in mind, they can be adapted quite easily for other role-playing games as well.

    All the spells in the Great Net Spellbook and the Great Net Prayerbook were written by role-playing gamers on the Internet and collected and edited by the Keeper. The current edition of both books, the Sixth, was finished in March 1995 by Boudewijn Wayers , but the new Keeper, Ezra Van Everbroeck, has since taken care of their distribution.

    Both the GNSB and the GNPB are available in a number of differents formats, ranging from ASCII over Word and WordPerfect to PostScript and PDF. Of special interest, however, is the on-line version which allows you to browse spells and search for spells containing keywords.

    Also available here are the WordPerfect data files from which the current GNSB and GNPB have been derived, a number of auxiliary programs for searching through these net.books and adding your own spells, and the Small Net Spellbook, a selection of original and useful spells from the GNSB made by Boudewijn Wayers.

    Table of Contents

    [Gold]The Great Net Spellbook.

    [Gold]The Great Net Prayerbook.

    [Gold]The data files for the GNSB and GNPB.

    [Gold]The auxiliary programs for the GNSB and GNPB.

    [Gold]A selection of other spellbooks and prayerbooks.


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