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    Welcome to this part of the Great Net.Book Archive. This section of the archive offers role-playing games programs which were written by gamers connected to the Internet. Although often designed with the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (TM) game in mind, the output of these programs can be adapted quite easily for other role-playing games as well.

    Table of Contents

    [Gold]The RPG Generator programs.

    [Gold]The RPG Games programs.

    [Gold]The RPG Utilities.


    If you enjoy the programs which you download from these pages, please do not hesitate to contact their authors and tell them as much. All these authors like feedback and want your remarks to improve their programs.

    A limited selection of older material can still be downloaded from TSR's (R) official FTP site. Your connection is likely to be refused, however, because of the very limited capacity of that server.


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