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    Unofficial AD&D / TSR Trademark List

    Date: 20 JUN 1995 00:39:40 GMT 
    From: Jeff Gentry <> 
    Subject: Unofficial AD&D / TSR Trademark List 

    I have waited for some time now for TSR to post the oft requested list of their registered and unregistered trademarks. Seemingly, it is not materializing, so I am posting the list that I have maintained for the past several years. To the best of my knowledge, this contains all trademarks, registered or otherwise, owned or claimed by TSR and other companies who have published AD&D- or D&D-related materials.

    Hopefully, TSR will post an official list. I, for one, prefer not to infringe on TSR's legal rights. In order to comply, I have kept this list.

    TSR may simply not have an exhaustive list. If this is the case, they (are you guys out there???) are welcome to use this as a starting point.

    If anyone knows of one I have missed (whether you agree with it or not) or find an error, please let me know and I will keep an up-to-date list. It actually makes an entertaining read.

    I hope this helps:

    [BLUE] Advanced Dungeons & Dragons-related Trademarks
    [GOLD] Registered Trademarks of TSR, Inc.
    [GOLD] Unregistered Trademarks of TSR, Inc.
    [GOLD] Other Trademarks

    [BLUE] Other Trademarks of TSR, Inc.
    [GOLD] Other TSR Registered Trademarks
    [GOLD] Other TSR Unregistered Trademarks

    [BLUE] Updates and Errata

    Jeff Gentry
    Updated 07/20/95


    Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and TSR are registered trademarks of TSR Inc. These trademarks are used here without permission. This use is not intended as a claim of ownership over the trademarks being used.


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