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Last update: 97/04/20

    Recent News and Announcements

  • 20 Apr 97: Tal Barkey has sent me a bug fix update (v6.10) of his WinSpell spellbook manager. It's available from his homepage or the GNSB / Aux section of the Great Net.Book Archive.

  • 18 Apr 97: David Reiss has sent me an updated version of his AD&D Combat Database program for Windows 95. Version 2.0 has numerous bug fixes and extra features. It's available from all the GNBA sites in the USA and Europe, in the Programs & Utilities / Utilities section.

  • 10 Apr 97: From Roger Mast comes the Magnificent Monstrous Database 3rd Edition. It contains information about 500+ new monsters from your favorite settings, for a grand total of more than 1800. Available in Access 2.0 and 7.0, and ASCII versions from Olik's Netbooks section at the new-style GNBA mirrors.

  • 10 Apr 97: Amazing news: Wizards of the Coast to acquire TSR. This may well spell the end of TSR's Advanced Dungeons & Dragons game - and civilization as we know it. Here's the official press release.

  • 5 Apr 97: The GNBA mirror at MIT is now also serving the new pages and archive.

  • 4 Apr 97: From Andrew Ward comes the NetBook of Books v1.0, a compilation of book titles that can be found on various campaign worlds; some books have descriptions. Also included is a shelf generator for determining the contents of a library. Available in ASCII and Word 6 versions from the net.books section.



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