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Greetings fellow netizens, and welcome to a T$R free collection of AD&D stuff.

As you all know T$R's bad netiquette and shameful behaviour has forced the net community to move the freely distributed Netbooks out of reach from their greedy hands.

This has made it hard to collect all the stuff in one place, but here is the stuff I have managed to collect. I have kept it in the way I found it, that means that the stuff is of varying quality and age, as well as in different form.
Some things are for Unix only, Some are for PC, and others are for both.

I'm not aware of any copyright infringements on these pages, if you find anything that is a copyright violation, or if you find something you wrote and doesn't want published, just let me know.


Here is my last official Copy of the Great Net.Book Archive, containing among other things the great net spellbook. This mirror is complete and contains all the files it contained in the original site. It was upgraded regularly for a long period of time. Now though it is most probably outdated since I lost the possibility to maintain my webpages for a bit more than a year. I have now (990705) Finally started working on my pages again, and I can promise that there will be quite an update. However at the moment I have just fixed broken links, and any major changes will have to wait for about 2-3 months. The reason for this delay being that I will move, and in the process of that I get a permanent connection home, and will move my site to a webserver of my own. (Note, this is unfortunately not any longer a official mirror-site for TGNSB)

Visit my "Mirror" site. ;-)

This site hasn't got anonymous ftp yet, so you will have to get the files through your WWW browser.

If you are interested you might take a look at some assorted RPG stuff I have picked up from the net.

There is also my copy of the lysator magick archive to use as reference for rituals and magic in your campaign.