About Snösvänget

Snösvänget is the only student orchestra at Umeå University. The orchestra includes saxophone, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, flute, piano, guitar, bass and drums. We play a mixed repertoire of jazz standards, rock and pop. Snösvänget also have a showdance group called Sparketten.

Many exchange students have played with Snösvänget during their stay in Umeå. Interested in joining us? Send an email to

Snösvänget practice Wednesdays 18:00–20:00 in "Lärarhuset" om campus. Lärarhuset can be found on the campus map.

If you have other questions or booking requests, send them to .

Payments to Snösvänget can be made to PostGiro-account 28 62 17‑5.

Letters to Snösvänget can be sent to:

Umeå Studentkår
S-901 87 UMEÅ