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2011-02-06Downloads online again

The server problems have now been fixed and the downloads are working again. We are still looking into the causes to avoid it happening again.

2011-02-04Server problems

We are experiencing some problems with the download links but are working to fix it as soon as possible. Will post when it has been fixed.

2010-08-31Bucharest TMA released

Claudio A. Dobre is the maker behind this new TMA. The TMA contains the two airports Otopeni (LROP) and Baneasa (LRBS) which create many exciting traffic situations of varying difficulty to handle.

2009-05-30Seattle extends the SB ATC world

Joseph H. Cardana has developed a new TMA for the Seattle - KSEA area. This TMA contains three different time tables making with varying difficulty making it ideal for any user no matter experience level. Check it out in the download section.

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