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In this section you will find all necessary files to install and run all SSS projects.

Current projects:
Simon Bergner's ATC Simulator

Simon Bergner's ATC Simulator

Simon Bergner's ATC Simulator is an ongoing project, but below you can find the latest release and updates. Current working version is 1.05.02. If you have previously installed SB ATC version 1.00 you will only need to install the 1.05.02 Patch found here. If it is the first time installing you must first download the Base Install found here. Then you must apply the above mentioned patch.

Base Install

This is the main setup for SB ATC Simulator. This is a file you must have installed before trying to install any updates/patches. Current Base version is 1.05. It contains not only main program-files but also the Text-To-Speech engine and Speech-Recognition engine.

SBATC 1.05 Main Setup (Downloads: 50744)


You will need to install this patch to enable using TMAs created with the SB ATC Simulator SDK. If you have installed the SBATC 1.05 Main Setup found above you must also install this patch since it corrects some minor bugs. Install by extracting the zip file in to your main SB ATC Simulator directory. Make sure you overwrite previous files and that the "Use folder names" option is selected when extracting.

SBATC Patch 1.05.02 (Downloads: 30720)

  • Pre-SDK patch, enables running multiple TMAs in simulator
  • Repackage of Patch 1.05 and 1.05.01 with fixed exe
  • Fixes approach/landing problem with aircrafts not following runway extension
  • Fixes proceed direct problem with aircraft missing fix
  • Enables usage of SID/STARs not named after entry/exit point
  • Corrects issue when no SID/STARs are defined at all in TMA which lead to a Fatal Error when loading TMA


The manual covers all program functions and also contains an illustrated tutorial on controlling arriving and departing aircrafts (Thanks to Thomas Hjelm). There is both an online HTML version available here at this site (follow link below) and a offline version in PDF-format available for download.

Online HTML version

PDF File Offline PDF version (2.5MB)
To be able to view PDF-files you will need the Adobe Reader which you download here: Get Adobe Reader

SB ATC Simulator SDK

The SB ATC Simulator Sector Development Kit is used to create your own sectors for use in SB ATC Simulator. The package includes some minor information files, be sure to check through these before asking questions in the SDK Forum. To be able to run sectors created in the SDK you must have SB ATC version 1.05 or higher installed.

SBATC Sector Development Kit 1.00 Installer (Downloads: 17946)

SB ATC Additional TMAs

Here you will find additional TMAs developed by other users as they are completed and tested. If you want your TMA here make sure you thoroughly test it before sending it as a zip-file with correct directory-structure to our mail found to the right. You must also include some sort of TMA guide to your TMA explaining procedures for handling traffic in your sector, f.i. handoff altitudes, frequencies etc. Please direct your questions regarding specific TMAs to the TMA Creator. Install TMA by extracting the zip file to the TMA folder of your SB ATC Simulator installation.

TMA Creator Date/Version Size Downloads
Bucharest Claudio Adriano Dobre v 1.0 2010-08-31 8 KB 2635
Seattle - KSEA Joseph H. Cardana v 1.0 2009-05-30 3879 KB 5092
Padova TMA Claudio Adriano Dobre v 1.0 2008-08-13 12KB 3888
Zurich - LSZH Rolf Annen v 1.0 2008-02-25 25KB 5278
Montreal - CYUL Bruno Cote v 1.0 2007-08-31 133KB 5884
Napoli - LIRN Giulio Cataldo v 1.0 2006-06-10 1673KB 6700
Auckland - NZAA Phil Faidley v 1.1 2006-02-22 109KB 6167
Schiphol - EHAM Jacques de Beurs v 1.0 2005-12-23 128KB 8367
Helsinki - EFHK Ilkka Sydänmetsä v 2.0 2005-12-23 15KB 6709
Lisbon Manuel Almeida v 1.0 2005-11-25 569KB 6376
Frankfurt Sydänmetsä/Ulbrich v 1.0 2005-11-25 795KB 17278
Berlin Ilkka Sydänmetsä v 1.0 2005-10-30 18KB 8169
Brussels - EBBR Patrick O´Sheridan v 1.0 2005-10-30 335KB 7658
Heathrow - EGLL Patrick O´Sheridan v 1.0 2005-10-01 370KB 11651
Oslo - ENGM Ilkka Sydänmetsä v 1.0 2005-10-01 94KB 6151
Prague - LKPR Luká Spanilý v1.0 2005-08-08 67KB 7170
Warsaw - EPWA Leszek Stanczykiewicz v2.0 2005-08-02 11KB 7568
Roma Mario Sue v1.1 2005-07-31 34KB 7856
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SBATC Patch 1.05.02
SBATC 1.05 Main Setup
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