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Simon's Simulation Software Development Team

Main developer / webmaster

Simon Bergner - Umeå, Sweden

I am a 23 year old flight enthusiast currently studying Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Umeå, Sweden. Been developing computer programs since the middle of the nineties, starting out in Qbasic 1.0 like many others and making my way into the Windows environment through Visual Basic.

I am the founder of Simon's Simulation Software, and main programmer in the project Simon Bergner's ATC Simulator. I'm also the webmaster, maintaining the official homepage and administrating the forum.


Björn Westerfors - Umeå, Sweden

Björn is our latest addition to the development team, joining autumn 2004 as our graphics designer but is also skilled in electronics. Currently he is developing the aircraft simulations for SB ATC.

He is a student of Mathematics at the University of Umeå and when he's not studying he likes to play the guitar. During summer break he loves to take a tour in his motorglider around his hometown.

System advisor

Jonas Sjöstedt - Umeå, Sweden

A true flight enthusiast and a great friend of mine whom gave me the idea for this project. He is aiming to become a commercial pilot in the future.

He has been and continues to be a great source of information regarding alot of flight related issues in general, and ATC procedures and operations in particular. He has also done numerous hours of testing.

Flight data

Thomas Hjelm - Västerås, Sweden

Thomas is a private pilot and is currently studying at Mälardalens University to become an Aeronautical Engineer.

He is our main betatester and also in charge of creating time-tables and aircraft profiles

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SBATC 1.05 Main Setup
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