OLD BASTARDS - Vi Har Inga Fördomar Vi Hatar Alla CDR OLD BASTARDS - Vi Har Inga Fördomar Vi Hatar Alla CDR (self released)
This is a 6-track demo from a band featuring two former members of old Swedish band SWANKERS PMS. They do one of their old songs as well.

Sounds very much like old mid-tempo Swedish punk, with really great vocals. This is actually better than a lot of the old stuff. I like everything about it, except the ugly front cover. When I got it in the mail I thought ''this is gonna be horrible'' and waited weeks to play it.

Sadly, these guys are probably too old and SWANKERS PMS too unknown to get a hype among the kids, but check them out anyway. Songs in both Swedish and English. MP3's on their website.

HEADLESS MARINES - Semper Infidelis CDR (self released)
Another short Swedish demo. 3 songs in fast Scandinavian Action Rock mode with some strange and off parts here and there to make it a bit more original, if not better. Female vocals. Titles like Safety Pin and Negatives.

Came with no lyric insert.

Nothing new but probably good live.

DESTRUCTORS 666 - Many Were Killed Few Were Chosen CD DESTRUCTORS 666 - Many Were Killed Few Were Chosen CD (Rowdy Farrago Records)
A 17-track CD with mainly new original DESTRUCTORS 666 songs and some old numbers.

Musically this is mid tempo heavy rock with some punk elements and a metal production. Some of it is quite catchy but nothing really grabs me. The songs are pretty good if a bit too long, but the production ruins it for me. The whole thing has that new UK DIY metal punk sound of sterile semi-professional digital recordings and transistor amps.

This CD includes previously released Dig My Grave (45 Rave) and AK 47 and they're some of the better songs here. They've also rerecorded some more old DESTRUCTORS numbers as well as Northern Ripper by pre-DESTRUCTORS band THE BLANKS and 1970 by THE STOOGES.

Lyrics about death, fear, resistance, flying saucers and the NEW YORK DOLLS.

Comes with a full colour 16-page lyric booklet full of occult photoshop type images.

CONTROLLERS - Another Sunny Day CD (Artifix Records)
This is a collection of unreleased demos and live tracks from one of my favourite bands (see interview section). It comes with a 12-page colour booklet with liner notes by JOHNNY STINGRAY and some cool photos.

First demo, Nov 1977. The original line up doing three of their best songs. The version of Neutron Bomb sounds clearer than the later single cut, while Killer Queers doesn't. It's hard to say which ones are better, and there's not that much of a difference anyway. This includes Hot Stumps too. A great little gem with lyrics like ''she's the only one for me / she's my amputee''.

Then there's five live tracks recorded at a reunion in Jan 1982. This is a pretty short and fast set with decent sound quality. It's funny to hear the band comment on how old they are; ''we're over the hill now, we're not kids anymore''. Don't think they knew they were still going to do gigs a quarter of a century later.

In 1996 they rerecorded Jezebel with some added ''fuck you''. They also did a cool country punk song called Fallin' Down and this CD's title track Another Sunny Day .

The band still occasionally gigs but their last demo was done in 2002. We Don't Believe is another country song that sounds really good. Nuke Beach isn't bad either.

The CD ends with an alternative karaoke version of Neutron Bomb from the first recordings. This release will accompany the old CONTROLLERS CD well, and you really need both in your collection.

CONTROLLERS - Another Sunny Day CD