DIRTY BURDS - s/t CD DIRTY BURDS - s/t CD (Tinnitus Records)
This was recorded in 2004, but I got it in the mail in October 2006, so maybe it hasn't been released until now? The DIRTY BURDS are (were?) five bad girls from England playing rock'n'roll-ish punk with some obvious American influences. If you wish JAYNE/WAYNE COUNTY had been writing lyrics for a rougher VENUS AND THE RAZORBLADES this is for you.

The CD has three original songs and two cover songs. They do a faithful version of THE SAINTS One Way Street and the rest of the stuff is pretty much in the same vein musically. The lyrics and the band's image is a lot more sexual and raw. The best track on this is the last one, called Fuck Off. They're like a dirtier and more primitive sounding RUNAWAYS maybe. Not bad. I like it. And they have attitude enough to back it up.

Check it out.

PROVO - Demokratia CDR (self released)
This is a 7-song demo from Finnish on-and-off band PROVO, first released in 2002. I don't understand much of what they sing but the CDR came with a letter explaining what the songs are about. It's your usual punk rock anti-cop, anti-authority and punx unite stuff.

Finland is known for brutal hardcore but this is more like something on a Bloodstains Across... compilation. It's fairly fast and melodic, not unlike early ASTA KASK but with a metallish chainsaw guitar that is so distorted you can barely make out what he's playing. A rougher KLAMYDIA (if you remember them) maybe. Enjoyable in a generic way.


PROVO - Demokratia CDR
DICKS - Hungry Butt CD DICKS - Hungry Butt CD (Hotbox Review)
Here's a live CD with THE DICKS. It has one gig from 2005 and one from 1980 on it. 25 tracks total.

As we all know most reunion things kinda sucks. This Houston, TX, October 2005 gig doesn't. They sound really energetic and hardcore here and the recording is clear and lacks nothing. It has all the old favourites like Kill From The Heart, Rich Daddy, Dicks Hate The Police, Fake Bands and Anti-Klan. I was actually surprised to hear how good this show was.

The other half of the CD is the old stuff. The 7 tracks from Austin, TX, May 1980 is solid US hardcore punk with the best versions of Kill From The Heart and Bourgeois Fascist Pig I've heard. Bookstore is fantastic. The whole gig - and the whole CD - is fucking great.

There are two bonus studio outtakes from the recording of their first single and there's obviously nothing wrong with them.

The booklet has loads of old posters and photos, and good liner notes from the bands long time friend CARLOS LOWRY. Printed on quality paper too. Great packaging.

Do yourself a favour and buy this.

HANGUPS - We're Right, You're Wrong CD (self released)
This is the first release from a new Swedish band not to be confused with the old Newcastle band with the same name (or any of the other HANGUPS).

The music varies between straight forward Scandinavian Action Rock and more traditional rock'n'roll and it's well played with lots of guitar solos and fills, but it's all a bit on the happy, safe and sound side.

Lyrically this is mostly your usual sex, drugs and rock'n'roll stuff, but you'll find the clichés about fighting, sniffing glue and dying somewhat hard to believe, especially with the happy go lucky party feel that the music has. It gives you the impression they're just tourists in bad boy land, even if they're not.

I don't know if this is deliberate or not, but a lot of the titles are taken from other songs; Cat Scratch Fever, I'm Right You're Wrong, Let's Do It Again are all their own numbers, and not the classics by TED NUGENT, D.O.A. etc. They almost make up for it with the great title (I Hate Guys With) Tribal Tattoos though. This track has a good catchy chorus and some funny lyrics that I like.

There's a few good songs here, but generally this is your average local rock'n'roll band that needs to get a little rougher to hit it home. Nice boys don't play rock'n'roll.

HANGUPS - We're Right, You're Wrong CD