SEX PISTOLS - Anarchy In Leeds LP SEX PISTOLS - Anarchy In Leeds 1976 LP (no label )
Live on Dec 6, 1976 at Leeds Polytechnic, the first of the few Anarchy In The UK Tour gigs played.

While it appears on some bootleg tapes this LP is missing the intro of John speaking to the crowd and gets right to opening number Anarchy In The UK. Though the sound quality isn't much to write home about this is a good version. I think that this song was the only one not improved by the band in 1977.

I'm pretty sure this is the first live version of God Save The Queen, then called No Future, and there's a strange guitar solo in I Wanna Be Me plus a few more oddities and vocal ad libs that are cool, but it's mostly for hardcore Sex Pistols fans due to the sound. A shame too, as the band is a 100 times better here than on the over rated and over released Burton On Trent gig. If you want live recordings of the band buy the ones from mid to late 1977 when they were at their peek.

The LP includes all 10 recorded tracks from this night, and is from the clearer of the two tape versions that have been circulating (they also did two encores this night but the original bootlegger missed them).

The exact same version of the gig was previously available on CD, but this is the first time it's out on vinyl.

LITTERBUG - Speaking Through The Gaps CD (JSNTGM Records)
Another project from JSNTGM boss ANDY HIGGINS. He's a very productive guy, I'll give him that.

This has dual singing; a high pitched proper singing female vocal and a fairly average new wave male one. This on a background of slow, simple stoner rock, mixed with a little bit of british 90's indie pop. It's very laid back, in a university student rock type way I should add. There's the odd disco beat here and there.

At their best they remind me of either the later stuff from LA band X or a mid-80's CURE, depending on what song you pick. At their worst they're just too arty, slow and boring. Looking Back Then is almost good.

Seven tracks. Comes in a thick, glossy paper sleeve with no lyric insert, but sells for only 3 UKP or 6 USD.

JITTERBUG - Speaking Through The Gaps CD
THE BOMBETTES- Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken CDR THE BOMBETTES - Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken CDR (self released )
3 tracks from this brand new all female band. What we have here is catchy mid-tempo punk rock not unlike the first PENETRATION demo. The song Lust Is The New Black stands out. It's a great number with cool, defiant-teen sounding vocals.

I've seen them live and they were surprisingly good. Maybe not quite the finished article yet, though they have been playing in other bands before.

All three tracks are available on their website.

P.A.I.N. - Oh My God! We're doing it! CD (Iron Man Records)
A few years ago they sent me their last, and still latest, release. I didn't like it. Here is now a reissue of their debut album from 1995.

The opening track is fairly well played off the rack reggae with half decent vocals but the lyrics are sappy sentimental stuff about some tree huggers losing a battle; ''if only we tried maybe we could all be like leafes on a tree''. Then there's a rather boring pop punk song about shoplifting, and how they have to right do do it. Fair enough I suppose.

The rest of the lyrics are about the UK drug laws and justice system (which was the theme of their last album), the evil money does and so on. The mid-paced punk song Oh No It's The Pigs shows a sense of humour. Very british too, and easily the best track on this.

The whole thing isn't really all bad, just a bit too much soap-dodger-dreams-of-a-revolution. When they stick to the basic reggae it's ok, if nothing more. Their attempts at fast punk rock is mostly crap. The guitar leads on some of that are identical to the ones by all the 90's right wing nationalist viking bands, which is odd.

Comes with a fold out insert with the original LP art work, including the lyrics.

P.A.I.N.  - Oh My God! We're doing it!  CD