V/A - Diggy Diggy Dead CD V/A - Diggy Diggy Dead CD (Rubble Records)
This is a double CD featuring 33 different bands from around the world, with about a third of them from Rubble Records country Texas. This is also an anti-Bush, anti-Blue Blood statement and a tribute to freethinkers worldwide.

It opens with two songs by Austin legends DICKS; Right Wing White Breed and Dead In A Motel Room, both recorded live with a very lively audience.

PRETTY MOUTH, also from Austin TX, were new to me and quite a nice surprise too. Rich Bastard is the song. The third track is Rape The Pope by THE VECTORS from our long gone second 7'' EP, and as I play in that band I'm not going to review it. It was an obvious choise for this comp anyway. Representing Sweden is also RICKSHAW, giving the old song Islands In The Stream a much needed punk makeover, and two more action rock bands out of Gothenburg; CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT and ON PAROLE. Both of them are alright by the way.

HOTRAILS do a slow song that's somewhere between THE DEAD BOYS and THE NOMADS. TROUSER TROUT sounds like a POGUES with Russian folk influences. DEAD SEXY's song starts off like a 70's rock riff with an almost industrial sound to it, then devolves into an all action wah-wah guitar song. MAX CADY is more action rock.

Another good song is Toilet Bowl Racing by NAUGHYDE DREAM SEQUENCE. It has a good early Alternative Tentacles wibe which I like a lot. Good stuff. Jesus by SHOOTIN PAINS is a bluesy and cool number.

Indiana rock band DENNIS MOST & THE INSTIGATORS had their first release out in the late 70's and they're still doing their thing. The track here is a distorted rockabilly song that's not that bad actually. THE UNLOVEABLES are from New York and do If You Were Here which is a pop punk number with lyrics about ''making out at Yankee Stadium'' and all american burger joint love. JOEY RAMONE would have loved them. You get the picture. A bit like THE MUFFS or early DONNAS I guess. CD 1 / LP 1 ends with a southern low-fi blues track called It's A Lie And You Like It by MONKEY BUZZNESS. The song sort of falls apart all the time, and I mean that in a good way.

CD 2 / LP 2 is more of a garage thing. There are five japanese bands on this one. They're all 60's retro bands in one way or another I guess. None of them bad. MADAME CATS have a strange touch of traditional japanese music in them that makes them different. GOOGLE-A do the same rockabilly track (What A Way To Die) as they did on the Just Go Destroy Everything compilation. FLOWERMULU sounds like japanese schoolgirls. HANARI KYOKO & THE SNIPERS' song Ai-No-Shizuku has a odd but stylish 60's lounge feel to it. If you walked into a club really early or really late and they played this you'd know it's gonna be a cool place. WEIGHT ZERO are pretty good too, in a 60's-band-with-early-PiL-guitar way.

THE DEADITES (Austin TX) have a good punkabilly song in Little Red Spider, but there's too much distortion on the vocals. THE OMENS from Denver CO sounds like early LIME SPIDERS except they've got a female singer. The track on this one is really good, with an unusualy defiant sort of attitude in the vocals. THE RAVENS are more Type '66 punk'n'roll.

INVISIBLE SURFERS from Athens Greece does an instrumental number that's ok if nothing more.

Switzerland has two bands included. REVEREND BEAT-MAN AND THE UN-BELIEVERS do their Fuck You Jesus Fuck You Oh Lord (I like the Oh in the title) and it's really good. Good lyrics and a cool danceable rock'n'roll number. The other act is THE DEAD BROTHERS, doing a drunken country tune called Put The Bottle On The Table. None of the two bands sound like they're from Switzerland.

SLOWA WE KRWI from Poland is basically neo-crust really. Dodgy metal growling instead of real vocals. I'm so bored with this kinda stuff. The one track on this comp I can't stand.

GALACTIC INMATE do a driving rock song with more punk type vocals. It's a bit like cheesy 80's metal meets BLACK FLAG, and that's just as good or bad as it sounds. INSECT SEX ACT has a loose sounding rock number called How The West Was Wonderful.

CHUPACAPRA JR are a decent band, but the song here is just so unoriginal it feels like you've heard it a million times before. And you probably have too. Punkrock Jihad! by the DERITA SISTERS out of California has the same problem but is saved by the more original lyrics.

Cornered Smile by THE DISPOSSESSED is pretty good in a US post-punk way. It would have fitted perfectly in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, which wasn't much of a movie but had a great soundtrack. PUNKAROOS reminds me of BRILLIANT SINS. The song Bones is great, really catchy, and it ends this compilation.

There's absolutely no mainstream stuff on this. You won't find any of these songs on the radio. If I had been in charge of the comp it would have been a little different of course, but I still recommend it to anyone into punk and garage rock. As all good punk revolutions it's also available as a ltd ed vinyl Double LP. Get it!

The label website is well worth visiting too, as it has loads of info on the bands plus current events like the war on terrorism and the war on drugs. Check it out.