KRIMTÄNK - En Dag I Verkligheten demo tape KRIMTÄNK - En Dag I Verkligheten Demo MC (Brus Tapes)
This is a demo tape - you remember tapes don't you? - from a Jönköping trio. They do 11 tracks in roughly as many minutes. KRIMTÄNK plays old school swedish rawpunk (which is what we called fast, crude and distorted punk back in the days, before 'd-beat', 'hardcore' or 'crust').

Most of the stuff sounds something like MODERAT LIKVIDATION, or ANTI-CIMEX in their Victims Of A Bombraid era, which was ANTI-CIMEX's best era by the way. Stoppa Pressarna is particulary good, though nothing on this tape is bad, except maybe the sound quality. It could be that it was simply taped with a tape recorder at a band rehearsal. Anyway I've heard a lot worse.

There's some early GBH in När Förloranrna Styr Världen which is really good too. The vocals are screamed out without any metal growling and are all the better for it. Though one or two of the verses are a bit dodgy the choruses are all catchy and easy to sing along to. I put the tape on repeat on my stereo. I like it.

The lyrics are all in swedish and deals mainly with politicians; including several songs dedicated to President Bush, whos status as punk rock's number one enemy is now almost as big as Ronald Reagan's was in the 80's. There's two about government surveilence - the name KRIMTÄNK is from the 1984 novel - and the odd one about the media, the meat industry and fashion.

If this had been released two decades ago by another band it would now be a CD, a t-shirt, an ebay auction and a reunion tour. Maybe this will be in 20 years, too. That's really sick. With that in mind I'd rather listen to the new than the old, even though a pure retro sound isn't very punk either, is it? And the classics are hard to beat.

There's no website but you can email for more info.

MERCANARY GOD - Burning Generation Promo CD (Big Star Rolling Records)
Italian band recorded in 1981 and released in 2005. The promo sheet is in "english", though it's a word for word translation from italian and very hard to understand. Appearantly they were very young when they recorded this and it was never properly released before. I know there were at least four songs by the band on a V/A comp LP back in 1981, but these songs are not included among the 11 tracks here. The new release is all on vinyl, only the promos are on CD, if I understand correctly.

The CD opens with the question Do you like disco - do you like fucking guys?. This is a good punk rock (emphasis on rock) song, with a type of lyrics no-one would write today. The next number, called The Solution, is a slow one which reminds me of fellow Italians ICE & THE ICED, though the MERCANARY GOD song doesn't have half the urgency of We've Had Enough Now. This is followed by the RAMONESy No Glory.

Have A Gap is like a very long drums and bass intro, where the singer is shouting fuck fuck fuck fuh-fuh-fuh-fuck, then it ends. Out Of Fashion is more RAMONES kinda pop punk rock.

Some of the songs sound like THE SUICIDE COMMANDOS' Make A Record LP; raw rock with some strange and untraditional arrangements and ideas. The kind of early punk that wasn't just 1-2-3-4 then full throttle for all of two minutes. The kind of early punk rock that's very hard to do and still sound good. They did an ok but not great job with them.

Do The Khomeini sounds like a jam more than a song. Don't Go is a straight forward rock'n'roll number, with an AOR chorus.

The last songs goes I hate you go fuck yourself and is really good. A lot of this album is perfect for any punk rock DJ who wants to show off with obscure stuff and still play something that people can dance to. Which - as we all know - is what punk rock DJing is all about nowadays.

They were a young, honest band with a few good songs, who for some reason never made it. There were hundreds if not thousands of them. This record should be of great interest to historians and collectors, but maybe not to the average punk rock fan.

MERCANARY GOD - Burning Generation Promo CD
AUREL - Autumnocturne Promo CDR AUREL - Autumnocturne Promo CDR (self released)
Let's face it; sending me a record called Autumnucturne with song titles like Fountain Eyes, Soda, Blanche De Vereaux and Cedar on it was stupid. There's no chance in hell I'd like this. Why can't labels spend 30 seconds on my site and take a look at what I like and don't like before they send me their pretentious university rock garbage?

This CDR is a random pick out of the ever growing I'll-Eventually-Get-Around-To-Review-'Em pile. Ok, the music on this particular time-wasting fiasco is MTV alternative metal type stuff. Semi-funk bass, with a guitar that shifts between off the rack neo-metal riffs and no-distortion-all-sissy picking. They're not very good at it either. They sound just barely together whenever they try something technically difficult; and jesus fucking christ they do that a lot. They don't work as a band at all. Lyrics about children left behind and crap like that. The singer sounds like he's gonna break down and cry any minute now.

I had to turn it down on my stereo because I'd be fucking embarrassed if my hippie neighbours thought this is the kind of crap I actually listen to. The truth is that out of the 12 songs I only listened to the first 5 or 6. If the rest of the CD is completely different, making this review uninformed and unfair, I appologise.

From the borders of Ireland and Northern Ireland, though they sound like their main influences are all from the US. Downloads on their website. Don't know if they're free or not.