DOITS - Big City Blues 7'' (International Garbageman)
I've previously reviewed the split ep they did with SUBURBAN BRATS here. This is very simular to that one, except better.

DOITS play your basic rock'n'roll sped up to punk rock, just like a lot of the scandinavian bands. I'd say they're on the top half of the list, as there's very little of that boring 70's hard rock in their music. Got What It Takes is the best song on this 3-track ep, and it's really good.

Nothing wrong with the vocals either, but the lyrics are just throw-away stuff about looking cool and the usual nightlife stories. ''Big city blues - got nothing to lose'', etc.

This band would be great if they only could sing about something more interesting once in a while. The action rock themes have overstayed their welcome. Fucking hell, we all enjoy a drink and a teenage girl, we know that already. Still a pretty good 7'' and recommended to all who's into Scandinavian Rock and guitar solos.

DOITS - Big City Blues 7''

ACEFACE - Promo CD (self released)
Two songs from their forthcoming debut album God Save The Hooligans are featured here. The first one, Rock'n'Roll Darlings, has Antonella (who played with KLASSE KRIMINALE on their first five or six records) on vocals, and she's got a good punk/oi voice. Reminds me of Penelope Houston. The verses of this song are great because of it. I like the Mick-Jones-on-Tommy-Gun guitar in the background too.

The rest of the band are blokes, two from SUPERYOB if you know them, and for the second song - Bombsite - they've switched vocalist. Whoever it is (CD contains no info what-so-ever) has an ok voice.

In their letter they call themselves a Punk/Mod outfit. I'm not sure about the Mod connection, outside that of Skinhead fashion. Both songs are sort of mid tempo street punk leaning towards rock really. There's some good guitars on this one and the recording sounds professional, though the mixing/production is a bit on the clean side, if you know what I mean.

If they would leave the vocals to Antonella they'd get an edge on a lot of the new breed of Skinhead/Street Rock bands.

I'd like to hear the rest of the album.

V/A - Samlingskass 1 (SIK Records)
DIY tape with 24 bands doing 24 songs. Most of them from my town, Umeå Punk City, a.k.a. Pride Of Sweden, HC Capital Of The World, etc.

The comp starts with THE VECTORS and the song Don´t Need Nothing. I'm not going to review my own stuff. Next is HERR JOHN with Borgarsvin, which is fairly good punk rock. I've already reviewed THE CELEBRITIES' demo, this tape includes Talented Boy and it's still a bit too slow and a bit too long to be great. TRISTESS' Hata USA is great early 80's styled swedish HC. That's Hate The USA in case you're wondering.

AMBULANCE and their Scarred For Life is another HC number, though a bit more modern sounding. Good guitars in the faster parts. David Lynch Is A Serial Killer by EMERSON FITTIPALDI is a bit on the arty student HC side, though not really terrible. QUINTUS 50's Walk Away is fast, distorted Low Fi punk followed by LOCAL OAFS' You´ve Come For My TV which is faster and even more distorted Low Fi punk. Both are pretty good in an honest angry way, actually LOCAL OAFS are great.

Next up is my favourite song. Once the girl starts singing UNGJÄVLAR are fucking great. Can't get the chorus of Hata Raggare out of my head. Could have been recorded in the late 70's, and if it had been you'd be bidding on ebay right now. VINNIE JONES mix grind and HC in a short song called Outlaw. If you didn't know, the real Vinnie Jones played for Umeå team Holmsund early in his career. Fuck You by SPEED TRASH GIRL is just about ok. The only foreign band - VASELIN - are from Finland and grind out John Wayne Had No Gaypride. Short but not very sweet. THE PROWSE do a song called Finland and it's not very good HC/alt stuff.

Side B starts with rockers FRANTIC and Not Tomorrow. A good mix of Punk and Rock'n'roll with lots of guitars. The closest thing to party punk on this tape. RODNEY KING are really fast HC with a good catchy number where the girl goes ''Eat yourself you bastard'' over and over again. Capitalistic Avarace (sic) with THE BAD FISH is a lot more 70's styled punk than the title suggests. Decent stuff with all the ''kill kill kill'' and ''burn burn burn'' you need.

Even OI! PLOJ sounds good, though I never like joke bands. The song, Stellan Är Sliten, is about a skinhead mate of mine, with lots of local references that will be wasted on anyone outside Umeå. SECOND THOUGHT is always pretty good and On With The Hood sounds like they usually do. Angry, screaming stuff. RADIKALA JÄVLA FEMINISTER is fast Low Fi girl fronted HC. Kinda hard to make out what the song Norran is about, but I like it all the same. I've always had a soft spot for young bands who can barely play their instruments.

Sweden's next big thing TOTALT JÄVLA MÖRKER do PK Poliskonstapel, and though I find it a bit too generic it's still pretty good mid tempo HC. LOS BASTARDS' ode to theft - Never Got Caught - is another song leaning towards basic Rock'n'roll. SHITHEADS do Holmlund Headkick, which is aimed at local politician Lennart Holmlund, and we can all agree that he needs a good kicking. Good song, great message. ETT LIV KVAR's Janne Must Die is more anti-capitalism screamed on top of up tempo punk/HC. The tape ends with THE HIGHWAY DEMONS and their instrumental Driving Drunk, which is the only song on this that I can't stand.

Professionally copied cassette with printed J-card and labels. I didn't expect this to be as good as it is. The sound quality over all is way above most comp tapes.

Great to get so many bands, all with different styles but with one thing in common - real punk rock. There's no nu-metal, no fucking ''trall'' or softcore here. 250 no:d copies only. Get yours now, before you have to settle for a dodgy bootleg copy.

V/A - Samlingskass 1