Right, censorship is pretty fucking far from anarchy. I fail to see why a number of swedish bands calling themselves ''anarchists'' are supporting an organisation called ''Folkaktionen mot Pornografi'' (FmP, roughly ''the Peoples' campaigne against pornography''). Maybe they read about them in BRAND (swe ''anarchist'' mag) or DIREKT AKTION (socialists, so I guess they have a soft spot for State Control and Big Brother Mentality) and never bothered to find out their true identity.
FmP advocates censoring and outright banning of pornography in all forms. They also pride themselves with the ability to judge what's art and what's pornography, just like all moral guardians.
They took swedish avant-garde comic mag POX to court, under a (then) new law against sexual violence depicted in photos and drawings. The stories in POX weren't even pornographic (i.e. made to sexually excite the reader) or in any way celebrating or gloryfying rape or murder.

SOME OF THE STORIES EVEN ORIGINATED FROM EUROPEAN ANARCHIST COMIC BOOKS, AND SEEING SWEDISH ''ANARCHISTS'' SUPPORT THE BANNING OF THESE STORIES MAKES ME WANNA PUKE!!! Selfproclaimed anarchist bands desperately begging the state and police to control, censor and ban the underground media is hardly what we need!

The FmP, Cops, christian right and organised teachers and parents demanded the laws against sexual violence in films, photos and artwork, got them and used them to attack the underground media.
You don't have to like the comics, but do you think they're dangerous?
Can anyone tell me what good came out of all this?

Did it stop murder, or and child abuse?
Did it increase the cops' power and fundings?

If you come across the name FOLKAKTIONEN MOT PORNOGRAFI on a swedish record, tape or in a fanzine you know what it means.
Now I could be an asshole and name some bands but I won't. Not because I don't think censorship scum deserves to be exposed, but because most of these bands are just confused and desperate to look ''political'' and ''radical''. Rather than to think for themselves they just copy somebody else's slogans and ideas. They seem to think that equality means anti'porn and therefor anything that's anti-porn is good. Just like voting for the Nazi party because you don't like cosmetica being tested on animals...

If you think people need to be protected from DEGENERATING ART and you want the state to decide what you can read, watch or listen to, then join the Folkaktionen mot Pornografi or some Socialist/Nazi party, but then don't call yourself an anarchist, ok?

See you in the funny pages.

Swedish cops, 'shocked' by underground comic mag POX, pose with confiscated copies. Sales of all Comics Suggested for Mature Readers were stopped in the area.
Another cop led a hate campaign against the headmaster of the local riding school, because he happened to have the same name as the editor of POX.
The cops were then joined by Folkaktionen mot Pornografi, ultra right wingers and christian extremists. Chainstore bans and prosecutions followed.
Today almost no underground comic mags are published in Sweden. Real distribution is impossible.

From a 1987 two-pager by american feminist and artist DORI SEDA (d.1989). Her comics are still published in underground mags all over the world. An award named after her is presented to a new female comic artist every year. This particular picture, and most of the page, was taken to court by Folkaktionen mot Pornografi.

So was also MICHAEL T GILBERT'S story about nurse Kathy who falls in love with comatose USMC lt Dalton. After she's taken advantage of him she suffers great remorse and runs away before he wakes up and calls her name.

Both in Sweden and the UK christians and anti-porn groups have tried to ban KNOCKABOUT COMIC'S ''OUTRAGEOUS TALES FROM THE OLD TESTAMENT: JUDGES CHAPTER 19''.
This picture (ch.19 vs.25) was used by the FmP and the prosecution as evidence in the trial against POX/Epix publishing. The story was illustrated by STEVE GIBSON and written (based on the Bible) by NEIL GAIMAN, who is probably best known for his award winning SANDMAN series.
This comic might be blasphemy but it's not porn. Maybe that's why the wanted it banned? Most crackpot type moral guardians want exclusive rights to bible interpretation.
If you want to read the whole story just look it up in your bible. It's got everything from homosexual gang rape to God sanctioned genocide.
FE is a girl in a post-apocalyptic world. She's isolated and plays a video game with herself as the victim of a Spanish Inquisition style whipping. As the panels zooms out we see that so does everybody else. The video game fantasy panels were taken to court by PmF.
DAMIAN, who drew FE, is one of Spain's post-Franco artists. Much of his work revolves around alienation and sexual obsessions.

FIRKIN AND THE HUMAN SEX, story by Tom Manley and art by Hunt Emerson, was created for men's mag FIESTA. Emerson is best known for his CALCULUS CAT, here as always at war with his TV set. You'll find CALCULUS in old issues of Knockabout Comics (UK), BRÍK! and the long gone anarchist comic zine AHA! (Swe). Emerson and Manley worked together on an anti-censorship story that was published in Sweden to raise money for the defence in the Folkaktionen mot Pornografi's case against Epix/POX.

This piece was originally published in CARRY NO BANNERS #1. E-mail me if you want to buy a copy (2 USD ppd world).Website version edited.