I have written a piem

I woke up because someone said "Hi!"
In my bed sat a strange looking guy
He said "Hi, I am "
"I can lie 'til I die"
I asked why but I got no reply

This guy really knew how to lie
I was curious why but too shy
To ask "Why do you lie?"
So all I did was sigh
And eat some of my breakfast pie

The guy soon started to pry
I think he was some kind of spy
I caught him trying my tie
He said "Look at the sky!"
Then he hid it inside of his fly

Because of this, a new tie I must buy
A nice store with ties I went by
"This one I will try"
I said to the guy
In the store, but he started to cry!

"Don't take that, not the one with the !"
"I love it, it's my favourite tie"
"For it I can die,"
"And if take it you try,"
"Your cortex for dinner I'll fry!"

I ran out, 'cause I don't want to die
I'd rather be lacking a tie
And when I got nearby
My neighbour's old sty
I saw fields filled with billowing rye

I thought: "This would be great in a pie"
"With some water, I don't like it dry"
But they were rather high
And each shaped like an i
So I left them alone to ally

I got home, where the guy known as
Sat and cried, sad for being a lie
'Cause this story 'bout
Was a lie, we'll all die
I wish heaven is in the sky!

However, Mike Ketih is more of a piet than I am

And here's another piem from Sean Connollt:

Pi, pi, pi in the sky.
Why oh why do I memorize pi?
It's my favorite number and goes on forever
It's the circumference of a circle to it's diameter
Forty-two thousand, one hundred and ninety-four.
To break the memory record I need just one more.
Six thousand and twenty-eight phone numbers is not a big load
(Four thousand, two hundred and nineteen with the area code).
Two hundred years ago only one hundred were known
(That's just ten numbers on the speed dial of my phone).
Many people think that three equals pi
Because in church they are taught lie after lie:
In part one of Kings, chapter seven, verse twenty-three we see:
God specifically states that pi equals exactly...3.
Wouldn't a superior being know that this isn't true?
Pi is as irrational as the square root of 2!
Even a child knows it to at least three point one four
(The more nerdy ones know it to even more)
Most people find pi to be a bore
But it's the one thing that I most adore
Hermite said," I shall risk nothing... to prove the transcendence of pi.
If others undertake this enterprise, no one will be happier than I..."
It was nine years until we finally knew,
We learned it was transcendence in eighteen eighty-two
Some people's favorite number is twelve or nine
I'd be ashamed if that were mine.
Pi is my favorite number and always shall be
I despise those who's favorite is the number three!