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EntityMUG Website
Hey! I just put up a new web site at where information about the EntityMUD kernel will be posted. This page will not be updated until the kernel is completed and work on TabuMUD is resumed.

Hey hey hey! Gotta change da name. Since this kernel is (hopefully) becoming something more than your average MUD kernel, I figured I should change the name. I have some problem with the term Multi User Dungeon anyway. I am thinking in the lines of EntityMUG with MUG being short for Multi User Game. Hey! Perhaps I should name it JavaMUG. Oh, there may be some misunderstandings with the players being called muggers, but hey.

Clustered MUD
Hey! I like figured something out. There is just about no reason for not making an EntityMUD run on a number of clustered servers. Each server will run its own piece of the universe, processing the AI for all the entities contained within. Entities passing between serverzones will be beamed over using sockets.

We have been doing a lot of thinking lately and have come up with rather silly stuff to do with AI. Many MUDs provide the command gossip that usually just sends a message to all the active players. We thought we'd take it a little further by making the NPCs able to recognize gossip in speech and pass it on.

Entity MUD converted to Java
After some experimenting with Java, I realized that it might just be the perfect language to write EntityMUD in. As for progress, most of the datastructures are figured out and coded, along with some elementary methods. Right now I'm working on the parser and the communication between entities.

Entity MUD under way
I have been working a couple of weeks on a new Mud written entirely from scratch in C++. I believe I will release the Mud and its source under the GNU public license when finished but there is a whole lot of work left. I hope I will have a server up and running before fall. There will be no TabuMUD server before my Mud kernel (codename EntityMUD) is finished and I can base the Mud upon it.

Web update
Removed the frames as they never looked alike on any two browsers. I will improve the present design when time allows.

Friday, 08-May-1998 11:43:50 CEST