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(If you want to look at my pages with my handwriting,
you can get it here. l Meowmai me if you have problems with this!)

I was born on the 1:st of september in 1996, a Sunday.

My father is a Russian Blue

and my mother is a Manx.

I'm most alike my pa except for the furrr, which look s like my mom's.

I have "the longest tail in the world" says Mom.

She thinks I'm so cute when I ask her: Do you want to tell me something?

Mom has brought home a kitten! His name is Bosse. Lilla Bosse

I'm beginning to get used to him now, but it hasn't been easy! He's a real rascal. I'm forced to take drastic action to get him to understand who's in charge here at home!

Take a look at my pictures that prove it!

For some reason Bosse thinks different, he has a page called "How to show Elsa who's in charge!

Innocent Look

I Won a Consolidation Prize in DCC's "The 1998 Cat Photo Contest",
category "Most Innocent Look".
(Bosse won two!)
Now you can see us at their membership cards.

Elsa on pillow

I've been to The Kcc Catnip Festival, THAT was fun!


Help me to find my lost toys and get a nice award!

Elsas Food Bowl

Look what a meowy food bowl I've won at Bosse's!
Get one you too!

Cat Kisses

Sandpaper kisses on a cheek or a chin -

that is the way for a day to begin!

Sandpaper kisses - a cuddle and a purr.

I have an alarm clock that's covered in fur!

-author unknown

My favorite occupations

   To give Noisy Bosse a straight left, when he doesn't let me sleep

  Driving around in my new car

   Playing with my pink ball 

   Horse back riding  

  Travelling like a queen

  Watching TV 

  Supervising the happenings outside the balcony 

  Catching flies

   Climbing up trees

  Playing with my climbing tree

  Working at the PC


   Warming up under the lamp

In a cat's eyes, all things belong to cats."

-English proverb

My first Christmas!

A cat sneezing is a good omen for everyone who hears it.

(Italian Superstition)


mikrofonI'm a lion

Purr, purr

The famous lioness Elsa

Meet my friends!

Cat links

  Cat stuff

  ChezFungus - Dining Room

  I love cats


 Netvet for Cats

 Care for Pets, AVMA

Russian Blues, UNICORN

 Take a look at my great awards  

Cat clubs where I'm a member

Catrings Catrings I've joined, except for my very own just below

This is my very own Webring. I've designed it for Swedish kitties, which say "mjau",
but some of them even say "meow"! Have a look!

Den här sidan i Elsas Kattring  tillhör Eleganta Elsa.

[Nästa] [Föregående] [Slumpvis vald sida]
[Alla sidor i Elsas Kattring]

Vill du också vara med i
Elsas Kattring?


Visit my Mom's Postoffice and send a digital card to a friend!

If you would like to send a postcard with me on it (or Bosse or an icelandic horse perhaps) try Noisy Bosse's Pet Postcard Service!

Bosse Pet Card

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Daisy Mae
I got a hug from Daisy Mae, when I visited her!
She has a furry meowy site.

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